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Good eating habits at restaurants: How to control the calories in each menu?


The Mediterranean diet has always been synonymous with variety and healthy food. However during a time very long, he calorie control in restaurants it has not been a priority, and attention chefs has opted more for textures and flavors that nutritional components.

But this it is changing: the trend now It is cutting calories on menus and commitment to healthy eating, without sacrificing quality and taste.

A good example is Rodrigo de la Calle, one of the most prominent chefs in the Spanish culinary scene. further, It is also one of the banners the healthy food maintaining the present and future trend is more and eat healthier. Mainly used in your kitchen vegetables, vegetables and seasonal fruits, always being the protagonists against meat or fish.

The new healthy customer cares what you eat

From the perspective of the customer it is important to establish techniques so you can keep each calorically controlled food. It is the best bet on the variety and proper nutrition in all establishments, and not just in Healthy food restaurants, they are the first who have already committed to this problem.

When eating out and make a responsible and healthy menu, there are some things we can do individually and will help us achieve this goal. For example order dishes to share, an option that helps us also eat less amount, since they are shared among several people the feeling of satiety while maintaining.

Another technique is quite simple order an entree as a main course, for example, a salad or creamed vegetables, trying to avoid sauces, both starters and main.

By last, is not only necessary to consider what the amount ingested, but also the quality. Thus, It can be very interesting bet on those dishes with fresh produce major component of avoiding fats or carbohydrates.

Healthy food restaurants, commitment so healthy

Not only the customer should have control over everything you eat. Current healthy food must flow in both directions: from the client and from the restaurant. Thus, catering establishments must keep in mind that your customers want to maintain good eating habits when they leave home.

Restaurants that serve healthy foods have many advantages. For example, calorically controlled menu responds to the needs and trends demanded by customers. further, the healthy restaurants They draw the attention of the media and excel in social networks, so it is possible to find greater exposure for our business.

A study by the American University of San Diego and San Joseph, “proved more attractive foods that were considered healthier”. Thus we see the possibilities of a restaurant to maintain adequate caloric intake in each of their dishes they are endless.

The use of ecological and seasonal raw materials It helps to use top-quality ingredients and, Of course, without any further additives. Being fresh ingredients, the use of sauces and other calorie raw materials becomes unnecessary, which results in a better menu, tastier and more controlled nutritionally speaking.

To end, You can also become a healthy restaurant including in your letter the calories in each dish you offer. This will ensure correct customer information so you can choose a suitable menu for your caloric needs or nutritional.

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