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Burger King comprehensive service to new cities order delivery hungry drivers in traffic jams


Inventiveness when using mobility services with cooperating restaurants raises new ideas, if they had not properly considered so far, They are bright once materialize.

It's not all requests online to take home, take-aways and concepts widespread today. There are fast food brands already tontean with the idea of ​​making distributions to golf courses, concerts, stadiums and similar hot spots in cities, even some on beaches and boats. Any location where you attend a large number of people the same time is capable of being used as a distribution point. And so it happened, oddly enough, with traffic jams.

Long strings of cars blocking the main streets of the big cities of the world restrict the movement of drivers, who they are immobilized in the middle of nowhere hoping to progress to a logical speed. Depending on the city and the communication path, it is not surprising that a car can stay more than an hour congestion caused by cars. Enough time to make a food delivery.

Despite the unheard of idea, The truth is that This methodology is already operational in Mexico City. There Burger King It has taken advantage of the frustrating situation where workers are detained in traffic on his way home to capitalize on their needs. Any of the burgers or complements the home can make more bearable stay in jam, and with this premise, Burger King has been reaping great success in Mexico City.

Now, which has been there house the pilot project is nonexclusive. The hamburger chain will import the same idea The Angels (California, OF. UU.). Early tests in the neighboring country show that, despite what one might think at first, the logistics of such services is much simpler than it appears.

The secret of all this are the food delivery professionals who use motorcycles to get around. As we all know, They have the advantage of being able to meander between cars that impede progress by ring roads and entrances to cities. In this way, They reach their destination much earlier. So much so that while the driver boasts patience to get home, dispatchers can go to the restaurant, pick up your order online, deliver and head back to the collection point. The average delivery time is reported from Burger King policy it is only 15 minutes.

The service has been called The Traffic Jam Whopper. Under this campaign, Burger King has not been limited only to make excellent use of food delivery companies with which it works, but has also shown that knows what he's doing when buying advertising space goal-oriented.

In addition to using your app to force mobile notifications registered users stuck in traffic thanks to an interesting synergy with GPS utilities installed in mobile terminals potential stakeholders, Burger King He also rented advertising billboards on highways, motorways, circumvallations, detours and entrances to the city. The goal of this titanic promotional effort is that drivers knew of the existence of this service, never seen before.

The results obtained by the brand in Mexico leave no doubt: It has been a profound success that deserves to be climbed as much as possible. And without delay. In the delivery points established in the Federal District, orders for distribution increased by 63%. further, This newly found business volume does not conflict with any of the efforts of the hamburger chain.

Quite the contrary. Thanks to the initiative, Burger King has seen its business off-premise doubly reinforced. On one side is the volume, that as just discussed has increased substantially. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that all these orders are made in hours in which traditionally is perceived low number of orders. The return of workers to their homes occurs in waterspout, not staggered; for this reason, within these ranges, the number of telematic usually orders down, so that human resources of local Burger King remained underexploited for one or two hours. With the new system does not occur.

Of course, the service is not perfect. Moment is limited to small segments of road in the immediate vicinity of an establishment of Burger King associated with the campaign The Traffic Jam Whopper. The cast is made in a radius of three kilometers around these premises. Thus, This ensures that the order placed meets the requirements regarding food quality, and the deal is feasible. Although a lot of potential customers sacrifices, brand restaurants found in the suburbs are revalued its location.

And as the benefits reported by the company, everything suggests that in the future this system will overcome the barriers that currently impose. Los Angeles is the next step to achieve, who knows where it will arrive The Traffic Jam Whopper later…

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