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Burger King creates a toothpaste-flavored Whopper


After a good nosh, blending of these flavors in your mouth and keep sipping while after having finished eating it, the greatest pleasure is to finally go to the toilet and brush your teeth with a fresh flavor ... Whopper. And is that, warning for those who love these burgers Burger King, soon clean your mouth with an intense flavor of beef will be possible.

The French division of the fast food giant has put its experts to work towards it is dentífrico, released as Whopper Toothpaste, which it has been created with an "active extract Whopper". Y, Even if it looks like a lie, this toothpaste works, as they say both Burger King and advertising agency they work, French Buzzman.

The advertising company He has even created a video, in promoting the quality of this innovative toothpaste. At, Whopper addicted to tell us he had not brushed his teeth in 2 weeks provided retain their taste in the mouth, so this toothpaste is configured as the perfect solution.

It is not the first striking campaign Buzzman

Buzzman and is known for creative campaigns with other international in France, such as Milka, Huawei o la sueca IKEA Y, of course, its partnership with Burger King has not disappointed. And best of all is that both companies say the Whopper Toothpaste is not a fictitious product, but soon we can find both drug stores and establishments giant burgers.

We hope that this announcement is not a fake why, If not, in no time we can brush our teeth with this innovative paste and continue enjoying the time it takes the Whopper and fresh beef flavor.

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