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Burger King launches a subscription service 5$ a month you get a coffee a day


Attract new customers with the claim of an artisan fresh coffee is a new strategy marketing and brand loyalty known hamburger Burger King.

Although the coffee market does not pass through the best time as it is distilled from the latest economic reports Starbucks in EE. UU., The truth is that take a fresh coffee is almost a morning ritual in the lives of Americans.

With the new measure has come into effect immediately in almost all restaurants Burger King in United States, diners can access a Subscription to the restaurant for five dollars. The only ones who have not been associated with the initiative are located in the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Nor can benefit from promoting American citizens residents in unincorporated territories of Puerto Rico.

What brings this subscription? By paying five dollars you get the right to consume coffee for free at the local Burger King. It is not an offer for unlimited consumption, the user can approach your nearest local once a day to take full advantage of the offer.

Nor can consume any coffee. Versions frost, the hit and other specialties are not available through this system. Whoever is intending to sample some of the most luxurious products with caffeine Burger King is disappointed to receive a small cup of regular coffee, which it is what actually provides subscription to the restaurant.

Far from the limitations, said logical step is, which it is accompanied with promotion, The truth is that the system brings great value to the consumer regular coffee. On the one hand it is enjoying an infusion quality grain made Arabica coffee, considered by many as the best grain in the commercial segment. On the other hand, in a few months the number of coffees granted amounts to 31 (let's remember, one a day).

Even those workers who use coffee vending machines installed in their workplaces to clear early in the morning can save a substantial amount of money If you opt for Burger King. If we consider that cheaper machines perform the operation by a quarter, it is evident that the subscriber saves almost three dollars each month counting service hamburguesería.

Of course, no point of comparison between coffee automatically dispensed by one of these machines and high product quality Burger King. Similarly, remember that automatic coffee makers are not always as cheap, a 50 cents savings is around ten dollars monthly, and if the dollar reaches for coffee, then we would be talking about 25. Those who can untie Starbucks by offering, We do not talk anymore, because the savings perceive is all very clear lights.

This is the carrot on the stick proposed Burger King. Interested users can make full use of the advantages that the subscription to the restaurant Thanks to the app Mobile BK which integrates all digital services, as well as rewards programs and customer loyalty, with which the hamburger chain has.

According Chris Finazzo, CEO of Burger King in North America, technology is important in the current scenario of organized restoration: "We continue to place value on technology to improve the user experience in our restaurants. We are proud to launch our own subscription service where diners can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee every day for just five dollars a month ", He commented. Meanwhile, Executive Director holding restoration Restaurant Brands International, Jose Cil, shared for the newscast CNBC what They considered that subscriptions would be a good way to attract people and make entering local, while expectations are created and stir around Burger King.

The subscription system Burger King is not a service that has appeared by chance. Since the news became public in mid-March this year, many analysts have commented on the matter. The brand strategy hamburger seems to respond mainly to two interests.

On the one hand you have the rise of customer loyalty programs. Starbucks is the classic example when talking about the new era of rewards programs. After the appearance of the new digital application has not been receiving praise for the good results. This model is being copied by the most important players in the world of organized restoration, but also by some smaller companies that have managed to adapt to the new demands of the public, as may be the case of the small chain of Italian restaurants Fazoli’s. To be able to taste coffee from Burger King at a price of laughter, Those interested must download the app moving company, from which then they receive notifications and are invited to employ the services of order online.

On the other hand, Burger King wants to enter the game breakfast, a regular service in many restaurants, but it is not generally associated with establishments to fast food. We have already witnessed efforts Dunkin’ Donuts to diversify its business by offering drinks during the early morning hours, and McDonald's has been offering breakfast several years in a broad spectrum schedule, initiative that has mitigated potentially disappointing economic performance for several quarters in a row. Burger King subscription has the same objective, diversify the customer base by offering a product that can serve with excellence, but which is usually not associated with them.

Burger King certainly perceive an increase in the flow of diners who access their local. The only thing missing from this subscription is to have a higher level to include delivery service.

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