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Burger King launches a new virtual currency: el Whoppercoin


There are several types of techniques and tools used to encourage consumption in restaurants and encourage customer loyalty. In the case of the latter idea factory outlet Burger King, what He has launched a call cryptocurrency Whoppercoin, the style of the Bitcoins but which you may get benefit, a somewhat particular.

This new program loyalty with virtual currencies for customers Burger King in Russia, country is going to launch this initiative, It is hosted in plataforma Waves, world leader for digital assets. On this platform, users can exchange and market Whoppercoins, currency you can not buy anything other than Whoppers at the restaurants own chain in this country.

The idea was first introduced in the Russian country, where there is great attachment to criptomonedas like Bitcoin and where other companies have used this system as a way to encourage consumption and reward customer loyalty. To the extent that there is possible to buy a car with specific brand criptomonedas.

It has been issued to start a consignment billion Whoppercoin, These will be achieved as follows: Customers will receive one for every ruble spent (currently 1 euro equals 68 rubles), and with 1.700 Whoppercoins may get a Whopper hamburger. These coins are stored in a digital portfolio It allows users to transmit this currency market and including, As with any other criptodivisa.

The whoppercoins as investment tool

It is not their main function, but how Burger King customers in Russia will enter this game of change and marketing Whoppercoins, we will explain the move: the holder of this coin can sell 1700 WhopperCoins slightly less than the price of a Whopper, so you earn money with the operation, and the other agent will earn a Whopper hamburger at a lower price, It is not a very important business, but both are benefited.

As we read last week the medium theverge.com, Burger King has expressed its intention to launch an application for the program at the Apple Store and Google Play the same month of September and even has a page assets dedicated exclusively to WhopperCoins. It seems that the thing is serious, and that This trend could soon make the jump to the rest of Europe.

In the words of Ivan Shestov, Head of Communications of the Russian Burger King in a recent statement: "now, Burger King y Whopper and just will not be a chain and people loved burger 90 countries, we will try to make it a investment tool" He said.

The truth is that ensure your financial prosperity based ask Whoppers and skip the diet sounds somewhat exaggerated, but that can get you one free hamburger is enough incentive for many, that by this new cryptocurrency they are launched glad.

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