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Burger King “goods” McDonald's customers with a great digital trap


The chances of a app Mobile versatile never cease to amaze.

Burger King It has become the focus of attention on marketing forums to use one of the strategies marketing more aggressive digital living memory in recent times: one geovalla able to deter those who crave burgers are eternal competition, McDonald’s.

Many of our readers will not know it's a geovalla, And there's nothing wrong, it is a term that 70% of the population has never heard. A geovalla is just a virtual polygon that encompasses a given region in a geographic information system.

For Burger King, the geovalla who have used consists of more than 14 000 outlets of McDonald's distributed throughout EE. UU., each surrounded by a circular surface of ten hectares and a half focused on building.

A situation reminiscent of an international blockade of trade, only that companies motivated by small-scale and executed digitally. Only have been spared the McDonald’s located in the states of Alaska and Hawaii.

But what is really interesting is the operation of this promotion. When a user is detected app Burger King mobile within a geovalla thanks to the geolocation of the mobile terminal, the application presents a unique opportunity to screen buy a Whopper, quintessential hamburger chain, the bargain price of one US cent.

A free hamburger for practical purposes only walk a few meters to the nearest Burger King? Yes, please!

In fact, there who has taken to heart and approach the nearest McDonald's just to take advantage of the promotion. A cruel way to play with the expectations of the managers of fast food restaurants McDonald's who see how they approach potential customers only, in the last moment, stop for a moment to manage your mobile and take road to Burger King it is at hand.

This commercial action It has been named aptly as "Whooper Detour", which at first glance seems to translate as "Forward Whooper ', but English could be reminiscent of the onomatopoeia that everyone has in mind to make a mistake: «whoops». A) Yes, It would be a change of direction made to realize the own error, It is this error, clearly, a visit to a McDonald's.

Since last Tuesday, December 4, whoopers lovers may benefit from the initiative for eight days. Eight days when the number of hamburgers served a penny will simply brutal. And it has also been brutal impact of the campaign In Internet, where various means have echoed feat and Internet users have described the action as an "epic trolling McDonald's'.

This sort of geolocated boycott joins other campaigns as original, also brought from the hand of Burger King: flavor barbecue bone with pet companions perrunas diners or Whooper Shopper referral system that was active between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, allowing buyers to recoup some of their costs in other stores as Burger King burgers.

Since the writing of this paper we are very attentive to as McDonald's will counteract this genius his rival, though no doubt, in this particular case, It is not easy to overcome this baneo 4.0.

After researching on these strategies marketing digital we are more convinced that creativity and originality are the only limit on advertising. And it has also come to us hungry! A Whooper ago?…we will approach a McDonald's 😉

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