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Burger King straddles the dual carriageways hand Spain Abades Group


Burger King continues to expand in Spain. This time, by expressways Peninsula. And it does the hand of a new franchisee, he Group Abbots, aiming to boost growth in service areas. In the next three years, It provides a total of open 20 restaurants so travelers also have the option to taste their products and menus without having to stray too far from the path.

In each of these establishments, there will be a minimum of 25 people working and have traditional services Burger King as the 'Autoking'. In the statement on the agreement, both sides have shown convinced that the new restaurants will have a well received by the public.

After five years without including any new franchisee, Burger King Spain Abades Group has chosen for its “professionalism and experience in managing hospitality industry and restoration service areas“, as it explained in the joint announcement of the transaction the CEO of Burger King for Spain and Portugal, Borja Hernández de Alba.

Abades Group received widespread congratulations by his followers in their publication of the agreement Facebook.

Exactly one month ago, Burger King Spain threw in his Facebook account a video that could well be a foretaste of what is to come on the roads of the Peninsula.

The news that Burger King will soon reach the service areas of Spanish highways is having great impact on social networks.

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