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Burger King McDonalds to scare trolling for clients in Halloween


Using a rivalry as a weapon to support a more sympathetic marketing campaign is what has gotten Burger King in one of his neoyorkinos restaurants.

To be more exact, It has been an establishment of the borough of Queens, that as if it were a person, He has dawned cubierto al completo con sábanas blancas y se ha dibujado cejas sobre los típicos agujeros que hacen las veces de ojos. And not only that, all the disguise is clearly read the word McDonalds, as well as their symbol, the famous yellow M, como si fueran las cejas del fantasma.

On the occasion of Halloween, This Burger King has loved the funny note to its customers, to those who trying to scare establishment posing as a rival chain burgers.

In certain parts of the ghost, customers could distinguish the slogan: "We continue to make our burgers on the grill".

A viral trolling is already in RRSS

The images came to us last Tuesday through Twitter account of Burger King, and in them I could see how this joke going even further. And it is that the packaging they have offered their customers this week, He has been to white boxes with the name and logo McDonalds dibujado a mano, to find course in the original burger Burger King with the same slogan above.


A graceful and daring action being viralizando in social networks. The truth is, as we said a few days ago in this newspaper, fast food chains US innovation lead to new limits, to try different creative solutions and son capaces de captar la atención tanto del consumidor como de los medios de todo el mundo.

Anyway, and knowing how they spend the two American giants Burger, from this newspaper We do not rule out a creative counterattack by McDonalds, that allows you to keep up with your competitor, or perhaps a “revenge” in a few months, We will be very attentive to tell the tale.

Burger King McDonalds to scare trolling for clients in Halloween
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