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ByFlow and Dutch chef preparing Smink opening a restaurant with 3D printed food


3D printed food on the menu! Soon it can be enjoyed on a permanent restaurant in the Netherlands. The company Byflow, manufacturer selling 3D printers, prepares the opening of this business three-dimensional printed food.

What makes a couple of years experience science-fiction seemed to be a reality soon. The company, Besides, It has partnered with the prestigious chef holandés Jan Smink, who acts as ambassador to this new technological gastronomic adventure.

3D printers are not new. Just a couple of months, in the same medium, the mostrábamos five companies were already working in printing food in three dimensions. Now, los avances nos permitirán degustarla en un corto espacio de tiempo en un restaurante de Wolvega, Netherlands.

La apertura del nuevo negocio de Smink está prevista para el próximo septiembre. While, in a month it will be announced about what the name and official website launched, where customers can reserve their table to taste this new culinary concept.

From that moment, se empezarán a conocer más detalles de cómo será el innovador restaurante. At the moment, we know that sand it will be located in the building that was formerly the Dutch bank ING and the Dutch chef promises to make it a unique experience.

Some time ago that Smink works with 3D printing and food, specifically, with ByFlow. Although still a long way to go in this field, Dutch chef will offer exclusive products and dishes of a high level of innovation and quality.

further, and it is known that the kitchen of the new restaurant will be opened so customers can watch and enjoy the work of chefs and technology of printing machines.

Both the company ByFlow as Smink want to go beyond this adventure. The new facility is not only a restaurant, also serve as based center for research and development of 3D printed food.

Jan Smink was awarded the Bocuse d'Or and has worked at a renowned restaurant 3 Michelin star. For some time he began his collaboration with ByFlow, company by Nina Hoff, una de la most prominent women in 3D printing this year. Jan cmenzó experimenting with 3D printed food to improve customer experiences and promoting technology ByFlow.

At Impresora 3D Focus, Star ByFlow

just over a year ago, the Dutch company successfully presented the first 3D food printer. The revolution has been perfected in all its dimensions. The Focus of ByFlow offers a variety of advanced options FDM. It is a machine that has a specialized extrusion nozzles and can print in different and varied materials, from clay or food products such as hummus or chocolate.

After the release of the first 3D printer food, ByFlow launched a itinerant restaurant as an experiment. At the origin of the project it was called Food Ink, the intention was not only a pop-up restaurant food gourmet. The aim went beyond and contemplated the Focus 3D was also used to print covered, dishes, glasses and even illumination of these temporary restaurants.

In 2018, la compañía ha decidido dar un paso adelante en esta progresión con la inauguración del nuevo negocio permanente de comida 3D en Wolvega.

ByFlow and Dutch chef preparing Smink opening a restaurant with 3D printed food
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