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Drinks, the first of 35 books of Bullipedia


The day Ferran Adrià's El Bulli closed began to develop an ambitious project: elBullifoundation, which in turn includes as many. Among them, the Bullipedia. He first volume of the encyclopedia of gastronomic grand total knowledge it's here.

Dedicated to drinks, the first of the three books in this series, It allows us to delve into the deep complexity of the investigation by the chef Ferran Adrià and his team during the past six years.

It all started when Ferran asked me what was a drink“, explains Ferran Centelles, responsible for the project drinks Bullipedia, who reveals that “From that moment, everything was research”.

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A great encyclopedia of world cuisine, a before and after in science and explanation of the culinary universe. Thus this work has been described by experts in the field.

Along with elBulli1846, elBulliLab and Bulligrafía, the Bullipedia is one of several projects working elBullifoundation. Is a codification of all existing knowledge about food divided into several works with its own identity. Beverage is the first volume 35 whose length will be around 500 pages. Its price is 80 euros and is available on the website elBulliStore.

With this collection, Ferran Adrià aims disseminate knowledge of the material generated from the Sapiens philosophy, coined by the Catalan chef's own team. The printed format plasma content with images and infographics that make it more visual.

cc1 cc2 cc3 cc4The next volume to see the light will be the Wine Book the Bullipedia, the first of three that make up the series Drinks.

For its creators, the Bullipedia is a commitment to consensus in the language of the kitchen and is dedicated to all the chefs in the world Whatever the nature of your kitchen but, especially, to new generations who may use it when working.

In writing DiegoCoquillat.com we have enjoyed this first book and Beverage, which has been especially dedicated our director, Diego Coquillat.

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