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More and more restaurants are joining the trend to ban the use of mobile phones at their desks


Although there is a small stream of people who go against the trend and choose to use mobile phones only when they are really needed, the reality is that most people see this device an average of 23 times a day. WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and others apps mobile instant messaging play a decisive role in this regard, the temptation to know what are the latest developments in the lives of others is simply too strong to fight it.

This reality is leaving us curious prints, some sad and others give to laugh out loud. In YouTube proliferate videos compiled missteps, falls without consequences and frights that have been self-absorbed pedestrians walking on the screen of their phones. On the other hand, specialists in education and psychology are obliged to devote more time to warn about harmful consequences for society, especially in the treatment corresponds to minors. When a child demands our attention, give a mobile is not the solution.

They should also think the restaurant owner Pazar Food Collective, a fusion restaurant that mixes Turkish food with Mexican, located in the Canterbury (Sidney, Australia).

Attila Yilmaz It has been forced to take this action after suffering some unpleasant experiences in their restaurant. It has therefore not been unceremoniously when prohibit the use of iPads, iPhones and other smartphones within the walls of his restaurant. It's more, Riddle has also affected coloring books, board games and construction sets. The idea is that the family behave like a real family at mealtime: "We must relate to children ', Yilmaz says, which it is a strong advocate of food as a social event.

This measure hopes to return to freedom within their restaurant misbehavior of some parents. In the past Yilmaz came to discover that one of the tables had been vandalized by children without parents say a word. Yilmaz recalled the incident with sadness for the newspaper Herald: "It is very saddening for us, there was no “Oh, we are sorry”, parents just laughed and hid behind they were just children. It is assumed that we are here to clean up the mess, to a certain extent so, but there is something called human decency and respect ".

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Prohibit mobile is a upward trend in the world of restoration. The reality is that these devices give rise to a number of unpleasant situations, for example:

  • Restaurants in business areas that offer their menus to office workers who leave work to eat are extremely noisy as the phones ring constantly, there are multiple diners voice raising to take calls at the same time, not a true enjoyment of the experience offered by the restaurateur is observed, etc.
  • In those places where live shows are offered, inconvenienced by the tones of the phones are more disruptive if possible. Diners who have a minimum of decency and are enjoying the songs and concerts will feel particularly upset with the low empathic, but also they are disappointed with the service of local, it is understood that the business staff should ensure that these situations did not have place.
  • When privacy and a friendly atmosphere are the strengths of the hall, It is sad to see couples in love with their screens attached to mobile. The restaurant atmosphere is degraded because the essence of human contact that made these places special in the first place is lost.

All this does not surprise us news like the restaurant Beef steak, Also located in the city of Sidney. There, visitors must get rid of their phones at the entrance. They can eat comfortably in the restaurant and, after dessert, They will receive their output devices.

A similar solution is the one that has adopted the restaurant chain Frankie and Benny’s, specializing in family meals a brand that spans UK. Their sites, there is a «No Phone Zone Box» or box area without mobile, where diners are expected to deposit their terminals. The initiative was taken last November and is a first in the British Isles. So far it seems to be working really well.

Other restaurants have preferred to avoid requisitioning the belongings of visitors and instead offer bonuses in exchange for disable mobile. Within this group we, among many others, al Contact Bar and Kitchen, Sydney also. Marketing specialists believe that this is an approach to much more efficient and respectful problem with the relationship between supplier and customer; definitely, the user experience is safeguarded and service offered.

Yilmaz fully understands that this prohibition friction generates some parents, but they kept his ground: "There is a time and a place for everything, and when it is a day of appointment, the last thing I want is to sit next to children with their iPads running. People often strange when we demand strongly that children behave, we do want children in the restaurant, and we do like your children; but not as much as you love yourself ", Yimaz commented annoyed.

Some parents are quick to express their discontent. From one of the local associations mothers negatively it estimated the measure. Some parents give off their particular judgments: "Coloring books ban is going too far '.

The only electronic device that is fought is the camera. Yilmaz accepts its use as long as you do not bother the other diners and is used to a limited extent. The Pazar Food Collective is not a scenario for a photo shoot, it's a restaurant, but no one will stop you take a souvenir of your whizzing.

Yilmaz, who has two young children, confident that the measure does not adversely affect the business, After the family never uses smartphones or multimedia entertainment when they eat away from home.

We will not be that from this digital newspaper we encourage such initiatives, but what if that seems necessary in many cases is that there is a balance in the use of technology and respect to other people who enjoy that moment.

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