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California croissant, the son of croissant and sushi has come to San Francisco


Love at First Bite. That was the feeling of Brittany Dunn, pastry chef in the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse San Francisco to test the California croissant. It took a whole week after being hired in tasting this well known brand pastelera, but after the first bite This crossing croissant and sushi became his favorite letter.

San Francisco and he had managed to conquer the lovers of culinary innovation with its sushi burritos, but California croissant It is getting reach a new level. As we explained in detail in Business Insider, the manufacturing process is more complex than it seems at first.

next-dunn-piled-on-pickled-ginger-and-norwegian-smoked-salmon-we-dont-like-to-skimp-around-here--get-as-much-guilty-pleasure-as-you-can-shove-in-there-she-said (1)In the wider end of the triangular mass that roll up the croissant placed a strip of wasabi. Seen pictures scares, but Dunn says the spicy wasabi is going to bake. Then place a thin sheet of algae that have created previously, after ginger and finally, smoked salmon. after roll it up, It will get baked and obtain a delicious tray crisp and brown California croissants.

El Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, It is a famous pastry shop in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, known for put the creative heads of its employees to create hybrid desserts that cause salivation of all his followers Instagram. In your account we can see all sorts of delights, both sweet and savory, but they all have one thing in common: We will make your mouth water around viewing.


This brother of typical rolls California sold 5 Mr dollars in. Holmes Bakehouse. Although those who have tasted more compared with a bagel with ersatz sushi, certainly worth experiencing. Not every day we find a peculiar mix of flavors that get transport us while both France and Japan.

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