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Warmly welcome new Starbucks beverage # SeSirveFrío


Veranito feel like there is evident. This has been made clear Starbucks followers on social networks giving a warmly welcome cold chain products catering launched just a week ago.

The new #ColdBrewLatte, #CappuccinoFreddo Y #ColdBrew drinks are these days succeed in social accounts Starbucks. The miles de likes, comments and shared They have not expected before the irresistible chain products.

With the slogan “The good things make you wait, the good #SeSirveFrío, Starbucks has given the go-ahead to summer arrives with the entrance of May. While most comments applaud the launch of new products, there are some who are critical of the mark. For every taste, as cold teas and Starbucks coffees.

We share here selection of publications of the chain in its various social media accounts and some of its juiciest comments.

Which seems Star trio Summer also it has its role in a publication of the chain in social networks.

On account Instagram Starbucks It is having great impact the release of the three cold drinks.

Welcome to the new #ColdBrewLatte, #CappuccinoFreddo and #ColdBrew. The good things make you wait, good # SeSirveFrío.

A shared publishing Starbucks Spain (@starbucks_es) he

But it is in Facebook, where it is producing a barrage of comments, mostly positive and show the desire of fans to take or try these drinks although there are discordant notes which do not seem to like too.

In conclusion, I share the video that the chain has posted on the social network Mark Zuckerberg, where the development of new is last #ColdBrewLatte.

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