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Camarero10, a POS in the cloud that allows you to scan a restaurant management


Camarero10 is a POS software for the hospitality industry that is committed to differentiate themselves and help their customers innovate in managing your restaurant, proposing a solution that is hosted in the cloud, with a multi-device access and simple operation and configuration.

We interviewed her CEO, angel Goya, to learn more about the secrets and differences compared to other systems Camarero10. This is what he told us:

QUESTION: Who is Angel Goya?

ANSWER (angel Goya): I'd say I'm an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur who is always attentive to new business opportunities. Soy licensed in mathematics and this analytical component I have been able to unite a strong vision and commercial action, developed in my business career. I started working as systems technical consultant companies as Cap Gemini Y Meta4, and I focused on the hospitality industry makes 7 years, He is Technical Director FEHR Activa, technological branch of the Spanish Federation of Hotels. I created different companies, as KnowCentury Y Osared.

The business that I am now focused, and I think it has great potential is TPV Camarero10, an innovative POS management software in the cloud for the hospitality industry.

P.- How came the idea of ​​starting Camarero10?

R.(AG)- Being the Technical Director of Activa FEHR, I realized, analyzing the hospitality market, that there was a great opportunity to digitization in the sector. This is a very fragmented sector relatively, with little technological innovation, especially in the segment of small and medium hotelier. At that time I decided to launch Camarero10 as a cloud software, which would allow an easy and scalable scanning of that segment.

P.- Why he was so innovative at the time Camarero10?

R.- We went the first POS software for hospitality management in the cloud in the Spanish market. Until then all programs were resident on computers, creating a dependency program, of the teams themselves and the place of operation. Then there is the confusion that updates the versions that you have installed and maintenance offers, o no, the company owning the software. Camarero10 came to end all that. Being in the cloud, greatly facilitated the catering download, installation and access to the program, which is done all online, simply internet connectivity.

P.- What are the advantages which is a POS in the cloud?

R.- The big advantage is that only Internet access you can work with Camarero 10, finding your program in the cloud always ready and with all the information. further, is Compatible with all operating systems, so that no matter what computer uses the hotelier, or where uses, simply because internet to use it on any device, anywhere. By last, being in the cloud, we decided to make a single version of the program, so all our customers are constantly updated and enjoy the latest developments and features that we deploy at all times.

P.- What features has the program Camarero10?

R.- It is a really complete software. We designed thinking of the Spanish market and chefs hand, waiters and floor leaders, whereby we know that well designed and responds to the needs of our customers, with the peculiarities of our market. To me this I think a big advantage when compared with software from other countries. An example of the details that we consider: printed tickets commands respect a space at the top, so that the panels hang in the kitchen, the clamp does not cover the order. This we can not know a priori if you have not been in business in this country.

We have hundreds of features, extra modules and everything a restaurant or bar may need. further, thanks to our App móvil “Decisions”, They can be obtained in real time and from anywhere sales reports, server sales, hourly sales and average ticket, etc.

P.- What are the advantages over other systems Camarero10?

R.- The advantages over the competition are that is an exclusive software for bars and restaurants, This makes it more effective. We have already mentioned the advantages of being in the cloud over other TSRs. Ease of learning and use by hoteliers makes its implementation is very fast.

We also distinguishes excellent customer service, highly praised by our customers. further, as We are developers, We can customize the program to suit the needs of each client and connect to any software or system.

By last, our agreements with technology partners as frontline Vodafone, Banco Santander, Coke or holder complete our product and give us a highly reliable brand.

P.- What is the agreement signed with IRI?

R.- Camarero10 was selected by IRI company, international company dedicated to conducting market research, to collect information in the hospitality industry. Have your support allows us offer our customers the POS management software subsidized to 100% during 3 years, no cost to the customer. To benefit from this bonus, the landlord will only have to authorize the collection of beverage consumption data anonymously.

P.- What advantages does have partners such as Banco Santander and Vodafone?

R.- Having large companies as partners, when benefits become better known and also help us to keep growing. On the other hand, join them allows us to offer additional functionality and powerful our customers. With Banco Santander, We could improve our payment inside the restaurant or bar, since we have integrated their payment terminals within the products Camarero10. This allows you to charge faster and with fewer errors. We have also reached an agreement for financing of equipment, it often represents a major expense for the hotel and this greatly facilitates acquisition.

On the other hand, with Vodafone have integrated their product “Wifi for your business” with Camarero10. A) Yes, All restaurants and bars contract with Vodafone internet and also have software Camarero10, may generate two distinct areas wifi from the POS: one for local and one for customers, thus eliminating the problems of network security with unwanted access. It allows us to differentiate time network usage according to consumption made, With this functionality developed by Camarero10 together with Vodafone.

P.- What are your most important customers and how conseguis?

R.- Our most important customers are multisite companies, They are featuring several restaurants and local. We also have industrial clients we have designed internal management applications your restaurant or dining, based on Camarero10. Even we are in the competition to serve restoration in railways, a very important sector.

We agree to these customers through own contacts, contact our technology partners already mentioned and our network of commercial nationwide. When we make a classroom presentation or demo of the product, always razed. The product is really good.

P.- How do you see the future of the sector?

R.- They open each year in Spain around 40.000 restaurants. It is a tremendous figure, but also it gives an idea of ​​mortality industry. I believe the future necessarily involves the digitization and modernization of the sector and not be able to survive with manual operations and slow. To cope with the competition is very important as well as a quality food offer, excellent service and customer, This is where the management software is essential: that reduces or eliminates failures completely customer-facing; allowing the speed or suddenness of commands or invoice request, reducing the waiting time; what allow for new and pleasing customer experiences, as the proper application of digital commands comanderos, tables or panels digitized voice commands.

further, cost reduction will be essential to compete, and again a good management software allow control of expenses and purchases, detailed management reports and stock control and escandallos. A) Yes, increasingly integrated processes between suppliers and restaurants will be thanks to management software.

P.- What are the next challenges facing Camarero10?

R.- We are facing two major challenges mainly: on the one hand, take our product to the next technological level, to ensure their competitiveness. So we are working on new features, some of them very groundbreaking, that will allow us continue to lead in innovation. This will allow us to take a leap of quality and increase our value. On the other hand, continue our search line technology partners, help us to complete our product differentially, thus achieving higher market segments and reach more customers.

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