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Waiters outer, Revolution service (no) living room


I remember a conversation I held a few weeks ago with a major hotelier, I moved on concern about the increased demand for food delivery orders and the difficulty of controlling the delivery or logistics of the whole process.

And I understand, because global figures start to scare almost 100.000 million euros in turnover in this niche sector, where Spain contributes only little more than 1.000 millions of euros, what they mean 73 million delivery services, something that surely we will see how is multiplied by several figures in the coming years.

But I have the feeling that much of the industry has not understood the depth of change means that thanks to technology, They are now restaurants that can go to customers, something that will transform, if you have not already doing, a large part of the global hospitality industry.

And is it still thinks that the delivery service, ie everything that happens from the moment the order leaves dish or restaurant, not part of the overall service it must provide the customer, which It is a big mistake.

Like the customer who goes to a restaurant makes an assessment of it in a comprehensive manner, in the food delivery service it has to understand exactly the same, the client requesting a meal to enjoy at home or in the office valued service in a comprehensive manner, whether the person or company that would take part or restaurant.

All this leads to the emergence of a new and very important figure in this process, I have baptized with the name WAITER EXTERIOR, for his similarity to traditional waiter positions, but with an important difference, and is that service is offered outside the restaurant, in the place where the customer demands their new dining experience.

And we must begin to understand, what in This transformation process disruptive, where during the last hundred years restaurants have been necessary generators context for customer dining experience, has changed.

Now is not the restaurants that generate it, but increasingly are the customers themselves who choose this context, where the dining room is not necessarily be a physical space business, limited by chair and tables, but we found that this may well be the living room of the house of our client's office or his office.

At that time we must raise a vision of our service on a global basis, where emerges a new figure is the outer waiter that It is to give excellent service that customer to choose your dining experience is not in close physical space and controlled by the restaurant.

And this new waiter must have the appropriate expertise, detailed knowledge of the menu and have an orientation to customer satisfaction with good communication skills, that will provide the best experience, He is able to anticipate the needs of this, with order and concern for hygiene and image depicting restaurant. Committed to his work and a process of training and continuous improvement to ensure excellent service regardless of context.

Because we have always conceived this service to the customer's door, but no doubt that sooner rather than later, we will see through these waiters outside this limitation imposed by the current practice, where they will naturally have access to the place that the customer has chosen and offer quality service more like a waiter than a simple dealer or transporter orders.

Where it is very likely that the price we will pay for this service is much higher than the price of the product or dish, as in the great restaurants, and it is then that has no place the concept of customer experience from the point of view, not only fast or casual restaurants, but many other types of restaurants that are sure to eventually include outdoor waiters in their workforce.

And it is at this point that we must remember the fantastic article that Oscar Carrion, Director of GastroUni, He wrote in this digital newspaper "We are a country of waiters ... and a great honor" , but perhaps also time to understand that technology and digital transformation in this field require us new challenges and performance that as we must always meet the highest excellence to our customers, and an example is outside the waiters… long life!

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