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“We change the color of the uniform inspiring restaurant Google Doodles”


Interview with Gonzalo Soriano, Nice restaurant manager Valladolid

The uniform of the staff working in a restaurant is key image the is, and one of the best ways to convey the personality and quality of service. A restaurant that has correctly chosen the uniform of its employees are giving value and importance to details, something that clearly defines the pursuit of excellence of the establishment.

Special mention deserves the restaurant that we present below. Two years ago Nice restaurant He decided change color uniform waiters work according to different celebrations or events.

Although the color of the clothing worn by employees of the restaurant is usually the black, sometimes it changes to red, as in Valentine, or green, as they have chosen since the beginning of spring, or even pink to remember the day of breast cancer.

This concept uniform customization It seemed an interesting idea and after a brief track your activity, which they share every day in social networks, we can confirm that the restaurant Nice, Thanks to this detail, not lost customers.

Attention to detail to enhance the customer experience in the restaurant

To learn more about the trajectory of Nice, we interviewed Gonzalo Soriano, manager and soul of this restaurant hall.

Tell us Gonzalo, How this idea came?

I was inspired customizations made with Google Doodles. Truthfully and had used the logo of the restaurant and I decided to go a step further.

We started changing the color of our uniform polo red for Valentine. The following year we chose pink for the day of the fight against breast cancer, Later green polo for the arrival of spring, no way accompanied by a flower stall in the same restaurant to reinforce the sensory impact. Then blue for summer period with a fruit, yellow for the international day of the celiac or rainbow colors to celebrate gay pride.

What impact has led to the adaptation of your workers uniform for the occasion in the clientele of Nice?

As everything in life, the process has been gradual. First we looked expectantly, but knowing our style so proactive in what refers to activities, They not missed too. Children are most show their enthusiasm, the truth.

This way you are personalizing the experience for each customer when you choose to go to your restaurant

It is clear that depending on the sensitivity of each client, It will be more identified with one color or another. There is also a subjective component, what show closeness referred, a way to interact and generate empathy.

The restaurant is also nice about their customers through the RRSS

Facebook, Pinterest… restaurant, What is your favorite RRSS? What you consider most important?

We move Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest Y YouTube. But where I think we got closer to the customer it is through Facebook. I manage the RRSS the fact I directly and also working as a waiter, in continuous contact with customers, It adds value to my activity Community Manager.

You're very aware of moving the restaurant name in paragraph Nice off-line, with participation in various charitable initiatives as "Restaurants Against Hunger", promoted by Action Against Hunger and the Spanish Federation of Hotels.

both sections, online and offline are vital to a business like a restaurant, true?

As it regards solidarity activities, what I am most proud of I am #SolidaNízate, a campaign that was born as a result of participating in the movement RESTAURANTS AGAINST HUNGER. Donábamos 1 € for each dish solidarity asking a client to an NGO of our city, he developed campaigns in Valladolid.

And for us it is a real pleasure to recognize the fact that people have responded in a great way all the initiatives we have taken. It is certainly an encouragement to continue.

Count on more than 5.000 Facebook fans. How they have helped the RRSS Nice to get more customers?

We have already exceeded 5.000 but apart from the number, what we are most proud of is that these users They have become clients and friends Restaurant. phenomenal meet all the initiatives we undertake.

An example is the San Valentine dinner alternative, we do before 14 February. It is a special event that is promoted exclusively through Facebook, and thanks to the publicity we have, We can proudly say that the days before Valentine, we managed to fill the restaurant.

further, You have a concept like "money Nice" (#dineroniza). What it is intended by the implementation of this initiative? It seems a good way to loyalty.

and we 18 years with #dineroniza. Great gear, and if something does not work you have to change. I'm not very fond of loyalty cards, but more global strategies. Money expires and people have in the portfolio, with what it sees as, reservation. In addition there one day a month, the # díafacebook, in which telling a keyword, we doubled the value of #dineroniza.

The last campaign launched by the Nice is #comounfamoso, and is the chance to win a dinner for two, the restaurant closed for winners only, "As if they were famous".

You do not stop ... What impact does each digital action which you carry out when drawing conclusions to advance the daily life of the company?

I'm hallucinating this campaign. Ya is not only circumvent dinner, It is to create an experience.

We want to prove how they feel when they close a restaurant for them. That are truly protagonists and obtain a personalized and different experience. He is having a lot of spreading and people are responding wonderfully.

restaurant Nice: a constant evolution to surprise its customers every day

As this interview makes clear, Niza restaurant has become a favorite of thousands of people in a city like Valladolid and one of the most important international restaurants in the province, thanks to the constant evolution and initiatives to provide different things to its customers.

This restaurant, which features a minimalist design is a reference for other hospitality businesses. Perfectly adapted to this new era in the relationship with customers beyond the limits and restaurant walls, they have managed to create a community of followers that when they think of the Nice, not only they think about food, but in enjoy a different experience. because #elnizaeselniza.

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