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Canada joins the trend of robots waiters in the restaurants


The waiters robots They are a reality, much to the dismay of industry professionals who see their jobs they could be replaced soon. Although many technology analysts impinge on the idea that the arrival of the robots to the restaurant does not have to eliminate jobs, the reality is that in those spaces restoration in which innovative technology is implemented downsize with the passage of time. This is most evident, Of course, in organized restaurant chains.

In Southeast Asia, where camaraderie robots no longer a claim for consumers and are becoming a viable way to increase profit margins, it seems that the only victims are the waiters, whose number has been reduced to the minimum necessary. Now equipped with facilities robotics of camaraderie There are only a few professionals in charge of caring for visitors and address their concerns. Everything related to food is left in the hands of automata.

Another country that has begun to adopt this innovative technology is Canada, in particular through of the Robo Sushi de Fiona Jiang. In this restaurant when robots coexist with humans employees, but in the words of the restorer: "Robots are the future of our lives'.

Jiang's opinion on his fellow robots could not be more positive. Since this place opened, incidents have been minimal, and robots are of advertising, function as claim for many curious diners who hear about the place by peers, family, critics and influencers locales, as well as through internet.

"Everybody loves robots. They are so cute ... "Jiang added laughingly.

The future of Canadian restaurants could change sooner than we imagine as a new player has appeared on the market. Is about Autonetics Universe, robotics company based in the city of Aurora (Ontario, Canada).

Autonetics is a distributor of equipment of Chinese origin will facilitate the acquisition of the latest models of robotics camaraderie in the country. The founder of the initiative, Ian McGowan, It welcomes the decision made two years ago: open the company has been the best move for which he could have wagered.

Thanks to their courage, Ian initiative is the leader of the sector in Canada. And although sales are still high, believed to be in the gap will help you increase your business volume without much effort, to the end and Cape the main reason why Canadian restaurants are not flushed with robotic solutions for restoration is the high initial investment.

The cost of robots camaraderie is not exactly low. Models sold in Autonetics range from 7000 and the 25 000 Dollars. But these prices are bound to drop as technology improves and manufacturing processes. In the same way, increased demand and increased production volume could reduce the amount further.

Ian believes it is only a matter of time restorers environment begin to rely on these innovative technologies into their local. Having this kind of automata in the workspace can significantly reduce allocations for wages in a catering business; that is to say, profit margins could be improved in those restaurants where robots have obtained assistants.

The climate of skepticism towards robots is beginning to change in Canada. During the technology fair RC Show held last February in Toronto by the Canadian Association Restaurants, all the accolades went to the post of Ian, where robots of Chinese origin camaraderie were exposed.

In just a few years the number of establishments that make use of such solutions could skyrocket in Canada. They seem to come good times for Autonetics Universe.

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