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Well drawn beer with the EBar robotic beer dispenser


595It seems that the restrictions anti-COVID-19 they are dwindling, having lived with the virus for more than a year helps to know the enemy. The vaccination plan, although incomplete, also allows some additional freedoms. So that, the events are around the corner. But this does not imply that the organizers want crowds in the hot spots of the venues where these festivals are held..

One of these hot spots are the makeshift bars that serve to provide drinks to visitors. Consumers often flock to these places, waiting their turn squeezed into the crowd to get a cubata, a beer or a soda.

European festivals could solve this problem, at least in part, employing robotics restoration. The Vending machines they are a great ally for those who simply want a can of their favorite drink. But if you prefer a properly served foamy beer, shortly they will have the opportunity to do so thanks to robotic beer dispenser EBar.

The robotic beer dispenser from EBar Initiatives Ltd.

EBar is an amazing creation of EBar Initiatives Ltd. This young startup, founded in 2016 and Aberdeen (Scotland, United Kingdom) by Sam Pettipher and Nick Beeson, aims to transform the way in which visitors are served at large events, especially with regard to aspects related to the hospitality industry.

The founders were inspired during a match of rugby in which the quality of the service and the drink left much to be desired. Frustrated by the treatment and the product received, entrepreneurs immersed themselves in a five-year project after which they have achieved a Fully functional automated beer dispensing machine prototype.

This milestone would not have been possible without an interdisciplinary team. The company has an exceptional human team that includes engineers specialized in robotics such as Kyle O’Callaghan and Michael Panayiotou, the inverters like Stuart Gilmore, a regular in the Scottish banking sector with great track record in corporate acquisitions and acceleration.

EBar has been the subject of attention in numerous international media. The benefits of the restoration robotics system are clear and the interest of the public and investors has not been slow to manifest..

EBar Features

EBar's robotic beer dispenser has as its main purpose ease queues and congregations at events. For this it has had to sacrifice the variety of products offered. So that, fans of imported beers will not have a wide menu to choose from; Unlike, they will have to choose between one or two preset marks: EBar has two independent kegs that can be loaded with up to two different beers.

The external appearance of the appliance is similar to that of other vending machines and beverage dispensers. It can be customized to suit the brand to display a design consistent with the branding. EBar has already prepared a model for Heineken with the characteristic green tone reminiscent of the brewery. This model differs from the usual black color on the machine.

EBar also draws attention for the adaptations installed taking into account its mobility. Instead of leaning on studs, robotic beer dispensers feature robust wheels. These facilitate the movement and relocation of machines that are going to be, predictably, moving from one location to another continuously.

The façade of the machine has a touch screen. Users can use this to order their beer. Although the prototype does not include this function, the launch of a app system compatible mobile. This would allow the order and payment to be made completely contactless through the consumer's phone. A superior form of interaction in times of coronavirus, as it would minimize the contact surfaces shared with other users.

In any case, the dispensing machine does a good job of keep social distance. In addition to reduce attention times (minimizing queues accordingly), also dispenses with the presence of a waiter: interactions between people are reduced to the maximum.

Those responsible for EBar Initiatives Ltd. have agreed to catalog the system within a new series of robotics services for restoration: beer as a service or BaaS (according to its acronym in English).

Digital transformation and technology in the sale of beer

EBar's core capabilities are not limited to its robotics-related capabilities. The greatest advantage of these robotic beer dispensers are the benefits they bring to hospitality businesses that are conducting a transition to New Hospitality.

First, the machine offers a homogeneous and quality product. While the bartender doesn't always serve beers the same way, the EBar Initiatives robot automates the process and always executes it perfectly. This has three positive effects:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Less returns
  • Less product wasted

On the other hand, EBar increases business profitability by serving more people in less time. The cost of the appliance is quickly recovered and from that moment the owner saves the cost of the salaries associated with the waitress staff.

Finally, and discounting other beneficial aspects such as ease of use, compliance with the legislative framework or system portability, the equipment has a built-in big data panel through which you can extract information on consumer trends. These databases will be crucial for the hotelier to make informed decisions about the event performance, locations and products.

EBar market launch and competition

EBar isn't the only restaurant robot that can serve beer. In Poland it is used Revolmatic, a more compact system designed as a cobot. In Spain, android unit Macco developed by To who is able to serve beer; However, not fast enough to compete with EBar, whose specialty is sales volume.

EBar is ready to go on the market and therefore has launched a financing campaign by crowdfunding and Seedrs, a platform specialized in the launch of commercial and industrial products. To attract investors it offers the 8.31% of share capital for shareholders who enter this campaign. The amount requested is at 275 000 pounds sterling and has already convinced a multitude of small investors through the web.

The collection is completed with an infographic about the company's business strategy, that not only intends to license their systems, but also make use of them.

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