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Capsules Ice Cream, a new robot for the kitchen and home restaurants


Implementing food processors in the restaurant space is a reality that begins to be felt. Although he has not spent half a decade since the first efficient solutions began to reach the market, now there are specialized models in charge of turning a hamburger steak, mix the ingredients in a salad or cover a pizza dough with condiments, to name a few applications.

Specialized solutions have been the first to appear. Its purpose is eliminate repetitive tasks so that the facility staff can focus on more complex tasks and productive.

The last food processor that has appeared on the market is a particularly suitable solution for those who have local ice cream shop.

During the conferences that take place in the South by Southwest he presented a new Encapsulated machine that can be used for different types of refrigerated without intervention of a heladero.

the SXSW 2019 He surprised attendees in March by showing the performance of the kitchen robot model designed by engineers from LG. He LG SnowWhite, which so called the apparatus, remember priori a coffee. This design is not accidental, He was chosen for the consumer feel familiar with the device: While many hesitate when purchasing a robotic arm serve ice cream, most interested consumers would rush to buy a "coffee" that makes ice cream.

Among the features of the new food for ice cream shops include the ability to prepare and enjoy many different types of ice cream, from traditional Italian desserts made with sorbets, through slush, poles and until 18 frozen food types.

The technology is very similar to that of coffee analogous, and finishing with a steely head-up display has aspects that resemble small ice cream stalls in any city.

The model presented at SXSW 2019 He is currently a prototype. The model to hit the market could be even more flexible. If the team expectations LG They come to fruition, SnowWhite LG could also be used as yogurtera.

While they are working on it, engineers have to cater equally one of the weaknesses of this technological innovation, the current waiting times of up to five minutes preclude their use in applications with high demand, as they would in a catering business.

Thus, there are technological analysts that put this novelty among the appliances for consumer electronics for home use and not how robotics restoration.

Of course, the possible uses of the LG SnowWhite remain in limbo until the final model does not reach the store shelves appliances and catering equipment, but for the moment, technological innovation look good.

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