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¿Receive or retain customers in restaurants?


To the restaurant remains in a buoyant situation it is necessary that the influx of diners the establishment more or less constant. Although you can also change the volume of business perceived encouraging consumers to choose more items or food orders for more expensive dishes and higher profit margins, the easiest way to increase the performance of the establishment is making more people arrive at the same.

For this reason advertising online, digital promotions and efforts marketing by social networks they are of great importance nowadays. However, since 2018 It has begun to see some change in the functioning of organized restaurant chains. His vision has gone from wanting to attract the maximum number of visitors to prefer a large number of customers arriving for the first time decide to continue using the services of the brand in the future.

In a way this change in the roadmap is due to the success experienced by the well-known coffee franchise Starbucks. Loyalty system is based on a new app Mobile containing a rewards program through which customers can choose to completely discounts and free items having gathered enough points redeemable through the drinks made in company cafeterias.

The system has quickly be copied. Loyalty multiple applications are now available in places like Chipotle, Panera Bread, McDonald’s, It highlights the chain in Spain Foster Hollywood with “Fosterianos”. further, the idea that these apps mobile for loyalty customers are only available to the giants of organized restoration it is wrong, also small initiatives can benefit from a rewards program or the like using services development companies software licensing the use of its tools by an acceptable rate.

But what are the real benefits of customer loyalty strategy more robust?

Retaining customers has a positive effect on turnover we perceive directly. We talk about the regularity. In the world of restoration ups and downs are the order of the day. You can not compare the box is done in the slowest months of the year with turnover achieved in full Christmas, for example.

Have a higher percentage of repeat customers can alleviate these oscillations, they are not only negative for travel company catering, but also for the owner and all the staff who is responsible. Stress of wanting to boost turnover in lean times causes stress, Sweats friction without having a negative impact on the mood of the template.

But when that small percentage that allows us to talk about some stability in local performance is exceeded, We begin to see that by customer loyalty, effective and sustained over time, Growth doors open. Basing the success of our restaurant loyalty is a strategy of scalability robust business volume.

further, to retain customers who occasionally come to our dining incurred fewer expenses than in getting new customers. While in the first case we just have to convince the eater that our services provide excellent user experience, when we seek new customers have to compete with rival businesses. This causes the acquisition of new customers will become a carrera “arms” in winning anyone who invests more money in tools marketing for uptake.

Stability and ability to enjoy a robust long-term growth are not the only benefits that are extracted to have a strategy proven customer loyalty. Other possible points of interest is the restorer:

  • Invigoration of advertising for referrals. Word of mouth still works wonders in our technological society. Repeat customers are more likely to recommend our local family, friends and coworkers. Keep a copy treatment and spectacular customer service can help extend our network of public interactions and lead to obtaining additional customers.
  • Improving brand image. Through loyalty, the use of software for client relations management and highly qualified with specific training to treat customers properly staff, It can improve the image projected by the business. This generates an organic customer traffic to our classrooms.
  • Improved reputation. In the same way, the restaurant's reputation (understood as a set of reviews published on the net, as well as the opinions expressed on the air without intention through social networks) digital will improve business metrics. According to a study TripAdvisor Restaurants enjoy high ratings in its niche and environment undergo interactions with the public much more often than their rivals.

Start working with a customer loyalty strategy today is not complicated. enough establish a rewards program for users well designed, having a management system client relations and start a campaign marketing to make known our new benefits to the public to which we direct our local. You can run more or less successful, but converting occasional users repeat customers always have a positive effect on the future of our business. As an advertising campaign saying some years ago, 'The important thing is not that you come, is that back '.

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