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Captology in restaurants


A globalized economy is a changing economy: technology advances, products and services become obsolete and organizational strategies and selling products and services are modified. In this sense, the ability to generate changes or adapt to them faster than competitors is an important competitive advantage.

Innovate is to get a new product or service and performed differently road open market. Expectations before buying customers have changed substantially. So we see that consumers have increasingly less time, seeks comfort, there is an increased desire for personalization, there is less loyalty in buying, there is a greater sensitivity in prices and a lower perception in product differentiation.

Applying captology the world Restaurants

The basic function of a restaurant You are no longer getting results through its operating account; It seeks primarily to customers, keep them, develop and maximize profitability. Thus, sales profit It will be the result of subtraction between operations operations margin less losses.

In recent months it has imposed a new system that is incorporated into the value chain between restaurateurs and customers looking for transparent dialogue technologies to generate clear interfaces and. Among them it is as the most successful, captology.

Captology is a new discipline that "focuses on the design, research and analysis of computer products (O, more broadly, digital) and interactive created with the purpose of changing the attitudes and behaviors of people”, in the words of its founder, B.J. Fogg, which he developed the term from his doctoral thesis in 1990.

Examples captológicos would be the new digital systems to follow a diet or in the form (remind you at every moment what you should and should not do and eat), exercises to optimize service times, or to convince workers of a food company whether to maintain good hygiene habits.

Captology has also been studied for the role of how to design websites that make them credible: who is behind, physical address, frequent updating, links to other websites credible, etc; Thus we have links to games cooking and restaurant service, simulators menus, and analysis for the optimization of spaces for rooms.

By last Michael Schrage comments in in one of his recent articles in "Technology Review", one of the most important challenges for developers of new products is to encourage the Customer self-persuasion, the sea, that through playing with them; customers come to convince themselves that they are a good proposal for them. "The challenge of innovators is to get potential customers try, play, play, products and so reduce their resistance, Natural acquired the, innovation ", has said Schrage.

Existing customers go beyond “how much?”

Ticket information we need to give us objective criteria for the purposes of the actual cost of our products or services as well as expectations on them are our customers. Hereinafter We no longer restrict ourselves only to how much it costs? the main question that a customer does.

Analysis and management of our production costs, or analysis of the profitability of the portfolio is not enough. we met a time when there are major structural changes and a significant increase in competition, favored largely by economies of scale and a permanent emergence of new technologies.

a fine, is about convincing simulations to persuade and reduce our resistance both from the point of view of the restorer and client. Psychological analysis you leave it to your judgment dear / Reader / a.

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Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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