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Almost the 100% of restaurants will maintain food delivery service in the future


Crisis coronavirus has changed the restaurant scene in one fell swoop. During the first wave the closures, alertness, confinement and restrictions followed one another at great speed. There was little restaurants could do at that time to overcome the pandemic of the century. One of the measures most quickly adopted by professionals in the sector was the home food delivery, a service that was in great demand at the time given the impossibility of operating legally in any other way and due to the interest aroused by the population itself.

Now that we are in what appears to be a second wave of SARS-2, restaurants continue to rely more and more on food delivery companies to keep their sales at acceptable levels. And the demand has not fallen, in any case contrary, the receptivity of the population only increases.

With the vaccinations already on the horizon, we all cross our fingers to make them effective and we can finally put an end to all the suffering caused by the COVID-19 disease. Separate health concerns, one wonders what strategy restaurants will follow in the near future.

The mobility market has been growing at a sustained rate for at least five years, and always with values ​​above the 10% annual. It is 2020 it has not been different, and a slowdown is not expected for the next few years. So that, it seems reasonable that restaurant managers bet on this business model.

But… What is the real perception among professionals in the sector? Will the distribution of food at home remain between the usual services of the restaurants or is it something transitory while the pandemic lasts? The answer brings it to us Deliveroo; one of the leading companies in specialized distribution for restaurants, together with competitors like Just Eat O Uber Eats.

The latest market survey conducted by Deliveroo among its partners during the first half of May reveals that he 97% of the restaurants will maintain delivery services in the future. This is a very substantial increase compared to the previous research, executed in January when SARS-CoV-2 was a problem in China and few other places. Back then a 80% of restaurants were determined to offer this service in the near future.

The delivery of food at home is consolidated in this way as an operating asset that strengthens the restaurant in the face of unexpected changes, and that also shields the business against future consumer trends, that will be energized by the younger generations: millennials and generation Z.

The importance that the delivery has made among the investment options weighed by restaurants, this has gained special traction to the detriment of other efforts such as the marketing or the customization of the items offered. The search for the sustainability In the restaurant environment, there is interest that there is only a couple of percentage points behind those already mentioned.

However, hiring plummets, improving salaries and training for staff of camaraderie, reception, box and kitchen. And this despite the fact that some of the brands that have recently chosen to establish a food delivery service at home have done so with their own fleet so as not to depend on third parties.

Some restaurants feel like having companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Glovo or Uber Eats brings more instability than they remain, as the status of its workers as possible false self-employed workers and the arrival of the first judgments of the courts in this regard have the potential to cause some other headaches. So good, these cautious businesses are a minority.

And while most restaurants seem to have enough of their own problems to contemplate those of the riders, Deliveroo and other similar brands that operate in Spain are already seeking the implementation of a legislative framework as it is favorable to them. In the opinion of these giants of the delivery, the viability of the entire restaurant sector depends on the applicable regulations.

It is uncertain if this is really so, but the most requested request among restaurant professionals is a reduction of tax rates applied to consumption in canteens, as has already been done with good results in the city of London (United Kingdom).

More than two fifths of those surveyed request this type of aid (41%), Meanwhile he 29% search one direct injection of liquidity by the government and a 15.2% I wish I could enjoy some kind of flexibility in rent payments, the latter is especially important in large cities, where in addition to skyrocketing land prices we find a structural gap caused by population density that is easily exploitable by the coronavirus.

Waiting for a new periodic survey from Deliveroo, that will not be long in coming if we attend to the previous publication calendar, it seems that he delivery it is founded all over the world. Although it has grown enormously because of the coronavirus crisis, it is evident that soon we will get used to seeing the delivery men or waiters outside, of the different brands on our streets, as long as the judiciary does not overthrow this business model by protecting the rights of workers.

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