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Almost half of searches are performed via mobile restaurants


Fortunately, more and more restaurants that confirm the enormous influence that different technological channels are having on their occupancy rate.

But without any doubt, one of those who in recent years has had further growth has been the mobile channel and more specifically smartphones or smartphones.

Today it is very common to see customers of the restaurants taking photographs of the surroundings or of the dishes are tasting and sharing that experience with your friends or your community of followers through different social networks.

Many times, restaurants are set exclusively in the gastronomic moment, but do not analyze the traceability of the same, as it is very likely that customer is doing that photograph has used the same mobile device to find the restaurant and even read the opinions or criticism from other customers.

Therefore it is essential to understand that an important part of the experience has not only moved to the online channel but also is done by mobile technology, as it allows the customer the freedom to choose where and when you want information.

These data are corroborated with three conclusions drawn from a recent study that has been published “Mobile Path to Purchase

1.- He 47% of all restaurant searches are done on the fly via the mobile

2.- He 60% It will become paying customers within the hour

3.- He 84% of searches of restaurants in mobile shopping will become / customers

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As you can be seen with these data, users looking for a restaurant through mobile have a predisposition to become final customers, This makes sense if we incorporate a key variable, geolocation, as the proximity to the restaurant is a decisive factor in the final choice of the customer.

That is why restaurants who want to participate in the final decision based on geolocation and mobile content They have to optimize their platform these settings if you do not want to stay out of this market.

Today and according to my estimates, neither him 5% restaurants that have presence in the online channel have optimized their content for mobile devices. It's all done.

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