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Celebrities, celebrities and stars compete to lead virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens


The digital transformation restaurants spurred on by the services of delivery is reducing the barrier to access of restaurants.

For a few years now, it has been possible to start a restoration initiative without the need for a physical location. The ghost kitchens or dark kitchens, specially designed workspaces to prepare food for delivery, they have opened the doors to a new generation of hoteliers: celebrities and celebrities capable of generating traffic to their virtual brands.

Musicians, youtubers, television stars… There are many who have already joined this trend. The last to do so was Guy Fieri, the television chef who alludes to the radical aesthetics of the 90s in his cooking shows.

Your virtual brand Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen offers a simple menu with some representative specialties. Cheese-Stuffed Jalapeños Rolled in Glazed Bacon; tortilla burritos with shredded ribeye and melted cheese; blue cheese chicken wings, wasabi and sauce; Cuban sandwiches; assorted burgers, including a vegan option; cajun and italian food; side options like spiced potatoes, fried pickles or macaroni and cheese; and even some desserts.

Neither Guy Fieri nor his team are in charge of meeting the demand generated by this restaurant. A whole network of ghost kitchens are responsible for cooking the dishes following the author's guidelines. In this way, the star has been able to take his business to every corner of the United States.. THE. without making any initial investment.

To achieve this, it has counted on Virtual Dining Concepts, a company that is responsible for managing the entire process so that the promoter is not stressed with the administration of an operation of this caliber. In just six weeks the idea starts to work and the interested party perceives a 30% of the benefits generated.

Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) she is a veteran in this business. However, only has two years of operation. The niche of ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants is tremendously recent but its implementation is already causing waves throughout the hospitality network.

Guy Fieri has not been the only one who has dared to try his luck with VDC. The most famous youtuber MrBeast has also launched its own virtual brand: MrBeast Burger. Its reduced menu specially designed for the young fans who follow it is available for distribution in more than 300 US locations as we explained in the article we published under the title “Delivery de Influencers, hundreds of virtual restaurants powered by a celebrity”.

The young entrepreneur was unable to serve his international followers, Well, at the moment the VDC company only works in the North American country.

In the world of music there are several artists who have wanted to explore the possibilities of virtual kitchens. Mariah Carey It has done so with a pastry initiative focused on cookies. Hiphop reference TYGA has released TYGA BITES with a product catalog based on chicken specialties. And the banner of electronic music DJ Pauly D will soon launch his brand of Italian sandwiches called Pauly D’s Italian Subs.

The world of film and acting also has its sights set on ghost kitchens. One of the first to join the VDC project has been Mario Lopez, well known for the role in which he played A. C. Slater in the youth series Saved by the Bell. Soon it will inaugurate its virtual brand through dozens of restaurants. The name chosen for your initiative is Mario’s Tortas Lopez and will have a menu based on Mexican food.

Russ Rosenband, cofounder City Dumplings, a virtual restaurant in New York specializing in the product that gives the brand its name, comments that the "emergence of ghost kitchens as a viable and scalable way to operate a restaurant has created a whole new cast of industry experts". And continues: «These experts are writing the rules on how to launch, promote and execute virtual-only concepts, regardless of the type of cuisine ».

Celebrities have an advantage because their ability to generate traffic is enormous. According to Rosenband, "celebrities see ghost kitchens as a new space to interact with their communities.".

Collaboration between movie stars, music and internet; restaurants and technology companies has created an ecosystem, the one with the ghost kitchens, in which all parties benefit. Celebrities are able to make their image even more profitable and diversify their business activities.

Restaurants that prepare food pay off their investment in furniture and space more quickly and generate a additional sales channel that brings stability to the business in times of uncertainty. Companies like VDC, Kitchen United, Zuul or Bbot are imposed as pioneers in a segment that will experience enormous growth in the coming years.

According to Euromonitor the number of ghost kitchens in operation could multiply by ten in this decade. In this case, the niche would move around a trillion dollars annually.. The current growth of the sector in Spain is around the 25-35% quarterly. An impetus that marks the clear trend towards the expansion of these virtual restaurants.

It is estimated that in our country a 25% of the orders delivery are already associated with a virtual brand. Uber Eats affirm that some 125 Spanish restaurants operate in this way in their application. A number that will rise much more when the first famous nationals decide to take advantage of this interesting hotel model.

For now it has not transpired that any star has done it, but it's only a matter of time.

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