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virtual celebrities and automated profiles with millions of followers, new advertising opportunities for restaurants


One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face when trying to implement their strategies marketing with influencers It is to ensure that the accounts from which you will make the promotions are not artificially doped by using bots or buying followers.

Nevertheless, this interpretation could change soon as they are beginning to emerge and other digital personalities automated accounts with real legions of real followers behind.

We have seen first Japanese YouTube community, where the vtubers they are becoming fashionable. Currently expanding, he vtuber It is a 3D model with anime aesthetic character that replicates the actions and grimaces channel manager through artificial intelligence systems, real-time animation and motion capture.

Other social networks like Instagram They have not been left out of such profiles. In the fashion world, Lil Micheline, a female fictional character played by CGI, It does not exist beyond the social giant servers image. However, with 1.6 million followers, it is clear that this has not prevented the digital chimera has been made with an overwhelming number of fans. Some of doers follow this account on Instagram do not know that really is not a person, others are there for the novelty of the concept, and some people just want to watch the world burn, trolling generally those credulous.

What if some vtuber O instagrammer CGI did a commercial campaign for a company? Certainly triumph, although the use of bots or automation mechanisms is evident in both cases. And this is because it does not really matter how followers are obtained, what really matters is that these are real and participatory.


In the world of restaurants, we have the case study Chris Buetti.

Buetti is a young New Yorker who saw difficulties coping with the costs of their meals away from home. Knowing that food critics and influencers culinary often they eat for free when making shoutouts In the net, He decided to get to work to become one.

Buetti, However, He looked unlikely to succeed organically: your personality, photographic skills and availability of time to work on this particular project did not augur success in the difficult task of becoming a star of social networks.

Fortunately, Buetti already had a job and did not have to worry about economic performance take immediate. further, his academic training as a data analyst and his vast knowledge of programming showed him the way to go.

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The first to emerge was a script followed accounts 25 000 people in order that these they belonged. While, in his account @beautiful.newyorkcity They were appearing panoramic New York, on a shared principle from other profiles with credits, and later using photographs free to use repositories found in images. They soon began to appear organically comments, all while the profile is managed by automated.

After a while Buetti was prepared to take the final leap. Their program began collecting contact information of the restaurants in the area and after curing a list with hundreds of establishments began a campaign marketing by e-mail offering restaurants advertise in exchange for a meal.

Some declined the offer, because they saw in the service of the young no gain, and others willingly accepted: the number of establishments that are willing and interested to exchange a commercial activity on social networks by a influence specialized in exchange for a free meal it grows every year What's up.

Buetti happen soon after to found his next business venture, a consultancy specializing in social networking services Market from which it offers small variations of the technique blackhat which she led him to master the digital dining scene in New York Instagram. Between his 42 Current customers some businesses in the world of restoration are counted.

This feat analyst data shows a change in the environment of social networks: to be a celebrity it does not need human being.

Like the fully digital profiles that we stressed at the beginning, the number of accounts Twitter, Facebook and Instagram whose owners have never given face and maintain good control of their privacy by not clinging disclosed personal information is increasing. And while this paradigm generalizes, audiences are opening up to these less personal accounts and focused on a character, and more oriented to content.

Restaurateurs should not feel intimidated by the absence of human intervention, It would be better to evaluate the suitability of using the services of these profiles for strategies marketing with influencers and marketing campaigns on social networks at lower cost. In the end, what really makes the difference is the engagement or the connection to the public.

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