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Jealousies and restaurants, a close relationship


Comer una sabrosa hamburguesa estilo americano en el restaurante Yard House, not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful views of the Long Beach Pier, California. But also, immerses you in a noisy bustle of young people and countless races and styles.

In such a diverse environment like this, a uno le da que pensar que no todas las culturas experimentan los celos in the same way and with the same intensity. But in Western civilization, this feeling is linked to certain behaviors and intimate situations a partner should not do, in theory, with third parties.

Almorzar o cenar en un restaurant as Yard House is, definitely, one of those things that should not be done alone with anyone other than our partner. Perhaps the situation is completely harmless, pero muchas relaciones sentimentales They resent things like that.

The restaurants: a special intimacy

The restaurants, whether in California, NY, Barcelona or Madrid, They are spaces that invite enjoyment by every way. Apelan a esa gregaria need ancestral de los humanos, to unite to hunt and to share food. In this ritual tribal strengthening and consolidation involving feed together.

Contrary to what may happen in a cinema, the place designed for romance par excellence so far, Restaurants are moving their target beyond offering simple menus with food to fill the stomach. Today at a restaurant you are getting an experience, with an empathetic service, acompañado de un conjunto decorativo y ambiental capaz de transportarnos a otra dimensión. El último lugar en el que actualmente querríamos ver una cita de nuestra pareja con un ex.

For a moment in a restaurant is something to share, especially, with our partner. Because, It is normal for our soulmate do not take it very well if, for example, viajamos a NY and not We shared her experience de cenar en el Mr Purple mientras contemplamos el skyline World's most mythical. Or if being brought to Buenos Aires iLatina an old couple.

Casual versus intimate

Some sociological studies, en especial uno realizado por Kevin Kniffin y Brian Wansink, ensure that jealousy in the couple trigger much stronger si uno de sus integrantes descubre que el otro ha quedado para lunch or dinner in a restaurant with or ex, that if, for example, learns who have gathered for coffee.

The key seems to be to meet in a cafe, in the morning or early afternoon, resulta algo mucho más casual que citarse para comer o cenar. These last two options are much more intimate and are considered potentially most dangerous for most couples. Behind the fact an appointment at a restaurant seems to underlie the desire enjoy intimacy, some privacy and complicity, with music, lighting and certain atmosphere.

In a restaurant, codes of conduct are different to a café, as it is often the purpose for which we turn to each of these establishments.

Romanticism restaurants

The results of that study have a double reading. Reserve a table with a companion who is not our spouse, It is harmful to a relationship, but do with it can increase the levels of romance and connection.

Try dinner at the Alta Mar Tower, in Barcelona, with its wonderful views, or Garden Orfila, in Madrid, They may be proposals that a relationship needs to give a new qualitative leap.

The question both a restaurant and partner relationships, is verbalize our wishes, say what we want, what we like and do everything possible to get it. At a time when many people seem content to let some things remain in a state of uncertainty for months or even years, to us to define.


Jealousies and restaurants, a close relationship
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