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Dinner between shots Fun or madness?


Match alcohol, food and weapons It can be a terrible idea at first sight, however this is the reason why he is fighting Mitchell Saltz, former president and CEO of the company Smith & Wesson, the largest manufacturer of handguns from the United States based in Springfield, Massachusetts.

And he wants to achieve in the Modern Round, a bar-restaurant that opened in Peoria, Arizona. At this point you may you're wondering what the waiters security? Who is the handsome serving a high note? Nobody panic, customers use replica weapons, equipped with laser technology fire on a giant screen installed in the middle of the local.

They can choose from games with realistic military scenarios, or police action situations enter the crossfire while waiting for appetizers. In the same vein as the Game Over restaurant in Quezon City, Philippines we talked about a few weeks ago, This place has proposed offer gastronomic and recreational experience through technology, and where customers enjoy a different experience.

Weapons such as the army and police

Those who pay the annual fee $5 They will be considered "Member customers" and shall have the right to book the table for hours. According to sources from the company itself, until now This new restaurant features 23.000 Fixed clients to dinners between shots (To be). Apart from the membership fee, also you paid between $25 Y $45 time in the classroom, depending on the day of the visit.

Entrance to Modern Round is a gun barrel, in a clear reference to the James Bond films, Y employees are handcuffed to a briefcase containing firearms used by members to shoot targets like ducks, flying pigs or zombies. Even for a little more money, customers can spend much more real police simulations.

In fact, it is VirTra Systems, company responsible for providing training systems to police and army, who provides wireless replica guns used by the restaurant, the size and weight of real firearms.

A restaurant with a target definifdo

This restaurant, which is clearly aimed at a wider audience age and, as themselves cry, drinker, yes accepts children as long as they come accompanied by an adult. further, the restaurant itself is very much concerned with the idea of ​​security, and plans to all its customers a video explaining the proper use of firearms before starting the feast.

And the truth is that This idea has not done more to gain followers, so Modern Round will open a second location in Las Vegas, and already has plans to do in Dallas and San Antonio.

Modern Round It sprang from the mind of Mitchell Saltz, former president and CEO of the company Smith & Wesson, the largest manufacturer of handguns in the US and Barry Monheit, contained in the boards of directors of both companies.

Right now, he “restaurant weapons ", as it has been christened, try to secure new funds to continue its expansion. And until now, He has found answers of all kinds: since some investors who see the idea as an intriguing concept, others suggest that it would be well received in some parts of the country that are favorable to firearms. Some also expressed their discomfort with the idea, saying that firearms and restaurants They are not an appropriate concept to make an investment.

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