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“We closed the door of the restaurant but we opened the kitchen to delivery” #OpenForDelivery the campaign that saves restaurants in the US


He coronavirus sweeps in EE. UU., positioning and over 420 000 deceased and 25 million confirmed cases. Not even at Christmas was former President Donald Trump able to impose restrictions to cushion the effect of the winter surge, it is to be expected that the COVID-19 crisis is accentuated in the country in the coming days, as also happens in our country.

Many restaurants have closed, others continue to operate only in the mobility segment. The public does not know which restaurants are open, and thus Google Trends reveals that Internet users now prefer to find which restaurants are open instead of which restaurants are in their vicinity.

Thus, at this time of uncertainty, hospitality businesses that want to avoid their closure completely find themselves in the position of integrate mobility services in record time. They are lagging companies that have to catch up to survive in circumstances that change from week to week, must adapt to the reality of the New Hospitality.

To the aid of these delayed restaurants in the implementation of food delivery options at home, pickup Y takeway it means, a multitude of public and private campaigns have come out. One of the delivery companies with the largest presence in the US. UU., by Dash, was the first to do it.

Tagged #OpenForDelivery, by Dash launched a huge promotional campaign that spanned all media.

On the televisions, moving spots advertising that remind us how important they are in our lives restaurants, not only as a place to create wonderful memories, but also as spaces for the enjoyment in society. On the radio the now famous slogan "Although the doors are closed, the kitchen is open for distribution ”he reminded listeners that the apparent calm projected by the facades of the establishments hides open fires. And ads networks and networked publications under the hashtag #OpenForDelivery were shared over and over again thanks to an audience committed to the future of local businesses.

15.6 million people are directly or indirectly employed in the American restaurant industry. It is a group that now is in serious occupational hazard and you need the support of all of us.

DoorDash came to his aid with this promotion, with which they also wanted to take home food delivery where it was not yet implanted. They managed to do it with the maximum guarantees, something that is imposed by the difficult times that the coronavirus is making us go.

A few months later another advertising campaign, in this case run by the UK government, encouraged the population to reconquer the dining rooms of the restaurants. Those were the times of de-escalation. Moments in which a large part of the population felt relieved because they thought that the fight against the coronavirus was left behind.

The ambitious plan «Dine Out to Help Out» by Boris Johnson was valid until a few months ago. Customers could benefit from great discounts from Monday to Wednesday, days when restaurant business is slower. No restrictions on the number of uses and protecting bars, pubs, restaurants, public and private dining rooms, as well as open spaces for banquets distributed throughout the country, the measure was a great success and managed to save a summer that for the hoteliers was predicted disastrous.

Recently, we published in this newspaper as Burger King has surprised in France and the United Kingdom with a bell in which he temporarily buries the hatchet with McDonald’s. In an unheard-of publicity move, the huge hamburger chain offers its loyal customers to order at McDonald’s and other restaurants so that everyone can get out of the coronavirus crisis together.

further, Burger King has provided its Instagram accounts in these countries as an ad portal. Restaurants that wish to can project their business from there at no cost. The bell #WhopperAndFriends It will be in force until the governments of the respective nations declare the opening of physical restaurants again.

Older, parallel to these campaigns, all those responsible remind the population that the agencies that watch over public health in the United States, The United Kingdom and France have not issued any warning or communication regarding the foodborne transmission of the virus or its packaging. Specific, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It maintains its position, no associated risk to food intake, though for precautionary reasons always preparing dishes it is recommended at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius.

The kitchens of the restaurants could not have better hygiene. The most common source of infection for most cross-contamination occurring in restaurants, the dinner room, It is now completely empty. And thes cleaning and disinfection measures are extreme, frequent and periodically reviewing the surfaces used for cooking with chemicals that destroy the lipid membrane of the virus, disintegrating it in the process.

To make matters worse, companies sharing food at home have established an innovative non-contact protocol, specially designed to keep working in times of pandemic. Thanks to this, takeout orders go from the kitchen to the delivery vehicle without the professional approach each other. This safeguards the safety of workers at the same time giving guarantees on the safety of food.

But the really nice thing about #OpenForDelivery and #WhopperAndFriends, causing a rousing call to action, is that in this great advertising effort DoorDash and Burger King have abandoned the fierce competition in which they are involved with their rivals. A) Yes, DoorDash has promoted that other companies such as Uber Eats, Postmates, Caviar, Grubःub, Skip the Dishes O Foodora They are in charge of collaborating hand in hand with the restaurants so that their turnover does not reach zero and is as close as possible to the expected values ​​for this time of year. And Burger King has done the same by mentoring brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut o Five Guys.

The initiatives have received praise from the media, the press specializing in the hospitality industry and different personalities from the world of politics and restaurants.

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