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Beer flavored pizza: the joke that eventually became reality


Pepperoni flavored beer. This strange mix of new product concepts was the Pizza Hut not for one thing: the announcement was a joke. But what started as a joke in the April Fool's Day ended up becoming reality ... at least for a day.

Put yourself in situation. It all started 1 April 2015, when Pizza Hut launched its more than one million followers of his Twitter profile a video accompanied by the phrase "They said they could not do". At video were two men, Mike O’Malley y Zach Schultz, identified as brewers, talking about ingredients that no one would use to create a beer but, effectively, they have done. Background, how not, a factory juice of barley and a few cañeros.

O'Malley and Schultz tell how the adventure was launched after a moment of disbelief and skepticism when Pizza Hut proposed them to develop a new beer-flavored Pepperoni, "A beer that will change the rules of the game", secure. Then, a few brave testing the new drink classify it as "amazing", "Perfection" or "very refreshing". Y, by last, a promotional voice invited to savor the best of both worlds and beer -Pizza- united in the new Pepperoni Pizza Hut Pilsner.

Instantly, an avalanche of comments flooded the network. The news went around the world and, even, It was picked up by the media. and Twitter, more than two thousand retweets and favorites, and countless answers to tweet. Thousands of people echoed the launch of course beer flavored pizza without even mentioning the possibility that it was a joke of fast food brand made.

Only a few began to distrust realizing date. On April of each year is the traditional April Fools, the equivalent of American innocents day, so any left and drop the video was merely a false announcement on the occasion of the popular day. Nevertheless, Alert a minority had no effect on the majority and the announcement was taken as completely true until the company had to leave to deny the release of the product and confirm that it had all been a joke.

The second surprise comes a few months later, he 9 of July, Pizza Hut when republished in their social networks other video in which the issue of Pilsner Pepperoni resumes, preceded by a message saying "It was a joke April Fools but eventually became reality ... Just for one day". Schultz appears again, the same brewmaster the first video but this time with another companion, Carey Hodson, and it all started as a joke ended up becoming a real experiment.

They are followed by more people start the new pizza and drinking beer, stating that if, Pepperoni and know which of course, It is the best mix of flavors to "share with friends and have a good time"

This second video has not had the same impact as the first but, definitely, It was equally ocurrente. A large Pizza Hut campaign, fun and innovative, who managed to surprise the world with his new fictional creation and so did to make it happen for 24 hours. Who knows, perhaps in the future we can taste this issue in our bars.

We must clarify that not all April Fools jokes end up becoming reality, much less, but usually they remain for posterity as an anecdote to tell marketing in schools. This type of strategy is widely used by brands who want to get some media coverage, either to regain lost prominence or just not to fall into oblivion society. In the end, the impact is transcribed in sales and sales, profit for the company.

Along with this trick of Pizza Hut found the canine menu Barneys exclusive New York restaurant or knife-phone Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge, with which to take pictures or read the mail while cutting tomatoes.

Nowadays, marketing governs every step a business and it's always a good time to sell but, even though all ultimately seek-and some first- take economic advantage of the joke, Thankfully the fun times provide us with original and crazy occurrences. So everyone is happy.

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