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Chatbots, new allies restaurants to improve customer relations


Any business wants to make a positive impression with its telematics attention since retention and customer loyalty is a crucial aspect in any industry if you want to achieve success. Even more, if it fits, in the service sector, as is the case in.

Catering business are no exception, our readers are well aware that the proper treatment of the customer can be the difference between a positive and a negative review in TripAdvisor; or between a diner eager to revisit the local and one who badmouth about the place within your circle of friends.

However, This traditionally good service entailed a cost that could not always take: long minutes on the phone, sometimes dealing with difficult customers and repeating over and over again the same information to different people. The tedium was high and stress out quickly graphic.

Today this is a job that It has been delegated to chatbots, systems that rely on artificial intelligence in order to maintain an informative and fruitful conversation with partners. In this most chatbots They are intended for the attention of mail and instant messaging, but they begin to see now Voice solutions which they are still in very early stage of implantation.

Given the a 89% consumers prefer communications in writing when making contact with the trades, this tool, Simple in concept but very powerful running, He has claimed a dramatic relevance.

is no longer just offer a better deal. Thanks to chatbots restaurants can cater to potential consumers who previously had been ignored. Peak times are no longer a problem, and be busy in the kitchen nor is. The implementation of this technology It has reduced the discomfort and discontent in the workplace, while it has made professionals add value where you really have exceptional skills to do: in the service and camaraderie in the kitchen.

The use of chatbots It can also result in a greater volume of business, not only throughout the clientele that was lost, but getting customers who will be visiting the restaurant make a greater consumption. This can be achieved by appropriate recommendations and the synergistic use of management tools client relations.

In the end, all boils down to how you used the chatbot. Given its inherent versatility it can be used strictly for answer frequently asked questions, It can be the basis of booking system own, can help make online payments more easily, can promote our local on social networks or messaging applications (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Who, Slack, Discord, Whatever comes to mind!) And a long etcetera. The limit is our imagination.

Giving a simple twist on an existing idea can cause an explosion for our business, Y any owner can think outside preset frames are eligible to devise a winning idea.

Best of all is that the extra cost for restaurants who want to try the benefits of these tools automated telematics care does not have to be raised. They can be used tools offered as SaaS by third parties. Solutions as OrderParrot, provider of such services Firetrail Pizza, Kafae o Torraku Ramen; O Chatobook, one of the chatbots specialized in most renowned Facebook.

Given its tempting features, It is no wonder that during the summit Gartner Customer 360 Summit is predicted that in 2020 a 85% communications between big business and customer will be made by chatbots. While the data is a few years, let's smooth sailing to see it fulfilled.

Another powerful tool presented by these conversational programs are less apparent. During any speech, partners exchange views, impressions and preferences. All these data, that may go unnoticed but are very valuable for any business because they allow make informed business decisions, They are recorded by boats.

In this way chatbots Y big data They can be joined to create something greater. And if we add to the mix machine learning, the result can be as unimaginable. Unfortunately, comandita work of some and other systems is beyond the basic applications and requires an experienced hand in these conflicts programmer or a group dev.

The price of such products can start around 2000 € and scale rapidly as more features are required.

If you are one of those 60 millions of participating businesses millardo message in the client company sent each month through Facebook (or you find yourself in a similar situation in another social network), the chatbots they can help you.

And if you're not, you have to be aware of the volume of business that you are letting. The chatbots are one of the most powerful tools to deal with la crisis millennial, since this demographic prefers to reduce human interactions to the strictly necessary, not only for cultural reasons, but also for the loss of time and frictions that arise because of them. In addition it should be remembered that the population millennial with capacity acquisition outnumber the comprised born baby boom along the 2019, and that the generation Z is not a friend of inefficiencies in service or communications.

Whether to report on the opening hours or to recommend a good wine, the chatbots in restoration are allies and friends.

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