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Chatobook, the first portal restaurant reservations through chatbot


In recent months I have written several articles about the usefulness of bots talk or more known as chatbots in the restaurant industry, Here I leave some links to them:

Today I want to talk to you Chatobook, a website that was launched a few days ago in the United States and it basically allows you hacer reservas en un centenar de restaurantes través de un chatbot.

Te recuerdo que un chatbot es un sistema que utiliza la inteligencia artificial para mantener conversaciones mediante entornos de comunicación basados en chats. It's about a virtual assistant that you can talk como si fuera una persona aunque en realidad es un bot (aféresis de la palabra robot).

It allows potential users to have available a system for customer 24 hours and 7 Days of the week chat through Facebook Messenger, but soon we will see other instant messaging systems like Whatsapp or Telegram.


Restaurant reservations through a chatbot

Esta web ofrece información a los clientes de los restaurantes providing response all those questions that arise in the interaction and are related to the following topics:

  • Restaurant Promotions
  • Menu proposals
  • Customer reviews
  • Restaurant reservations elected

This application does not need to download any software, simply connect to the chat user's Facebook Y a partir de ahí se inicia todo el proceso en un entorno conversacional.

El cofundador de este proyecto, Changsheng Sze Tho It has manifested itself in different digital media; “a través de Chatobook los usuarios podrán hacer preguntas específicas respecto a un restaurante utilizando Facebook Messenger sin tener que buscar esta información en ninguna página web. It saves time for customers and it is an innovative way for restaurants to add personality to your customer service. Es lo mismo que solicitar información a una persona real.”

For restaurants that want to belong to the platform, this It has different registration plans starting from 19$ and allow you to include unlimited menus, the table reservation system and support via e-mail. All plans are also provided 30 day free trial.

Chatobook belongs to the company Gotobot, que tiene oficinas en Estados Unidos, Singapore Central Vietnam, is a chatbots development company whose primary business is the construction of these applications to integrate and generate conversations Y business data.

Otro ejemplo más de como el apasionante mundo de los chatbots se está desarrollando y buscando funcionalidades concretas que permitan dialogar a humanos con bots en entornos digitales, always trying to provide Conversational value resulting in different types of conversions; service, purchase, reservation, etc.

Chatobook, the first portal restaurant reservations through chatbot
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