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British chef cooking for months without gluten or dairy and nobody notices


As in many other cases, the chef of one of the major restaurants in London made changes to its menu. Nobody noticed anything new and the restaurant received rave reviews for dishes, Nevertheless, We now know that this menu hiding a secret. After three months, This chef named Dominic Teague has revealed that none of the dishes contain gluten or dairy.

Apparently, Cook Indigo restaurant, located in the hotel One Aldwych, He had noticed an increase in the number of people requesting food without gluten or dairy, so he decided to start develop a new menu free from both.

He told how he had to overcome some challenges like making bread, the so well known fish and chips one to mousse of chocolate, instead of containing milk is made with coconut oil.

Increase in intolerances

Teague said knowledgable about the problems they face intolerant to certain foods whenever you want to eat out, because his wife is gluten intolerant and mother lactose. The truth is more and more people who have related intolerance symptoms any of these substances.

Gluten intolerance, protein present in cereals like wheat, rye and oats, primarily affects the digestive system. In Spain it is estimated that 500.000 people, near a 1% population, are celíacas. Nevertheless, sometimes the symptoms are severe or do not appear, so it is estimated that almost 20 % of the population could be sensitive to gluten.

Meanwhile, Lactose is a sugar that is naturally present in milk and derived products, to which a third of the population has some type of intolerance, why many people go to restaurants where they ask not included dairy dishes.

Concern for healthy eating in restaurants

At the same time, there is a clear trend towards healthy cuisine the interest of citizens for a healthy diet is already widespread. A survey conducted in Spain by the Spanish Confederation of Organizations of Housewives, Consumers and Users (CEACCU), He revealed that he 87 % of respondents they declared themselves very concerned about eating a healthy diet. This concern also leads the hospitality industry, which is committed to include healthier dishes on their menus.

This London restaurant has become one of the first to have a gluten free and dairy free, Y He has kept secret for fear of rejection of those who have no reason to not eat dairy or gluten.

Nevertheless, the fact that no one would notice no difference in dishes Teague shows that it is possible to provide a much healthier cooking, free of certain components Gluten, from which everyone can enjoy. So, Have you also come accessibility to the kitchen?

Universal accessibility It refers to the degree to which everybody, regardless of their circumstances, You can access a service or use an object. A) Yes, for example, Web designers are aware that certain people like colorblind, They have difficulty distinguishing certain colors and avoid them when designing their websites, so that everyone can use them.

In the same way, Kitchen advances in recent years have meant that chefs can also design menus accessible for all guests, so they can enjoy eating and, both, be much healthier.

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