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Chef&Sommelier and Facyre join forces to strengthen up the food industry

  • The Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain (FACYRE) Chef firm &Sommelier a collaboration agreement to promote the gastronomic revitalization in the hotel industry.

Juan Vidal, representing the Chef&sommelier Spain, and Mario Sandoval, as President of the Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain (FACYRE), They have signed a collaboration agreement with the main aim of uniting joint forces and push our cuisine both inside and outside Spain.

Thanks to this agreement, both institutions will work on joint initiatives to promote the sector, both from the technological point of view as innovation and development.

Meanwhile, CEO dela household brand for the world of hospitality and sommeliers says that "this is the right time to join forces, since we are in a revolutionary period of Spanish cuisine, where innovation and differentiation are key concepts ".facyre

As the first joint action, Chef &Sommelier accompany the Facyre Congress of Science and Food which will take place next 17 Y 18 October at the Experimental Farm "El Encino" Alcala de Henares. Specifically, the workshop will be held "wine grape, Wine by the glass and drink to health”, where different behaviors wine will be explained in each type of drink. Felix Cabello, Agrifood Research Director IMIDRA; Rafael Sandoval sommelier of Restaurant Coque and medical Rafael Hernández Jiménez Díaz Foundation, They will be responsible for leading the workshop.

about Facyre

a FACYRE, Cultural Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain, They encompassed over 3.000 restaurants and 8.000 partners and the current goal is to continue the work done so far by previous presidents. Currently, the chef Mario Sandoval, Restaurant Coque, located in Humanes de Madrid and 1 Michelin star, He serves as chairman, after his predecessor occupied this position, Salvador Gallego.

The objectives of Facyre is promoting training and gastronomic culture in Spain; develop events that give notoriety to gastronomy, as gastronomic contests and competitions to promote young people; or organizing an international conference to promote knowledge outside our borders Spanish cuisine and publicize our products and avenues of research.

Sobre Chef and Sommelier

Chef and Sommelier, French-born brand created by ARC International, It is aimed at professionals and catering. It takes its name from the people who proudly represents and serves.

The innovation, knowledge and sensory experience make Chef &Sommelier has become one of the brands of reference in making utensils table for the world of sommeliers and hospitality.

C&S reinvents tasting and constantly working on ways, volumes and materials to innovate in each of their glasses.

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