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Whip, the chef of a thousand faces on twitter


Again, the popular chef and TV presenter Alberto Chicote It is trending on social networks. Although this time the current focus on which the focus has little to do with restaurants or food, but still, it seemed to us very interesting.

And it is that Chicote has become inspiration @scientist_pi PHOTOSHOP MÁSTER, a fun Twitter and Instagram account every week gives us creative Chef mounts with movie posters or pictures of other famous, with a special attachment throughout the Universe StarWars, Marvel and classic movies.

Funny @scientist_pi mounts on Alberto Chicote

Thanks to Chicote and creativity, This account has become one of the most fun and commented trends ever published a new chef image, which usually occurs on the eve of the TV premiere of one of the many programs starring chef Carabanchel, one of the most popular media level, but Also in social networks.

Then you leave a collection the best mounts that @scientist_pi has given us in recent months. We hope that you enjoy and generate much sympathy and good rolling as the team of this newspaper.

30 funny mounts on Alberto Chicote

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