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Chipotle Rewards, the customer loyalty program by ultrapersonalización


Turn occasional customers on a recurring clientele. That's the mantra that resonates 2019 in organized restoration around the world.

The movement has its origin in the digital loyalty programs for customers which introduced Starbucks a few years ago. The success of its mobile application has been such that other brands have not been able to overlook technological innovation. Everyone wants to ride the wave of good economic performance that is experiencing the cafeteria siren in what is clearly his most difficult moment EE. THE.

A) Yes, other chains sector McDonald’s It has not been slow to operate their own systems of rewards.

The most recent case in the upper echelons of the restoration comes from the hand of Chipotle. For Mexican food franchise so far makes all the sense in the world. In addition to ride the wave of digital processing that is changing traditional coupons interactive applications, we must also add the high demand and pressure from customers own. And it is that regular customers always benefit when demonstrating their loyalty to the brand and there is a plan rewards up. Meanwhile, those without unceremoniously when eating at restaurants outside the chain may want to think twice.

Reward systems make sense because customers all parties benefit greatly from their entry into operation.

Chipotle has coined his initiative as Chipotle Rewards. So far he had been in evidence in a small number of establishments, but after many tests the application is ready to reach the general public. And so it happened recently.

Users can now make full use of Chipotle Rewards in most US stores Company. And when the good preliminary results that have been observed since its introduction, no doubt that soon will become available globally.

The first step is to invite the guest to an account is made in Chipotle Rewards. To do this you must download the app mobile terminal in its, being in available operating systems iOS Y Android. Then they have to enter your personal information: Name (s, surnames, birthdate, address of habitual residence, etc. All this generates some friction that Chipotle has been able to reduce very skillfully. Customers who choose to get an account at Chipotle Rewards are entitled to consume some potatoes with guacamole totally free. A tasty incentive that has caused the participation rate to rise by clouds.

Once everything is configured properly, it's time to start accumulating points. And at this stage every dollar counts. Diners receive a gift from one point for every ten dollars spent in the restaurant (or when placing an order to take home). These points are redeemable for company products. Even if the amounts stipulated is not enough to get a free meal, there is always the possibility of a temporary offer points redeemable for such.

For more delight of lovers of Chipotle Mexican food, For each 125 dollars spent on drinks with app Mobile active reward is obtained automatically: free incoming on the next visit.

The fully digital rewards system has an additional surprise. Thanks to cooperation between Venmo Y Chipotle Mexican Grill, there is a bag 250 000 dollars in prizes that users app they can earn by their mere membership in the customer loyalty program Chipotle Rewards. Lovers of gambling want to be among the loyal customers of Chipotle just to try their luck in the draws.

The chief technology officer of Chipotle satisfied commented that "the participation in collaboration with Venmo and how we made them launch has exceeded all expectations in terms of response and professed excitement about the application by the people '.

The union of these two giant is not accidental and responds to a negotiation that had long been brewing. Although initially there was a clear goal of how the two companies would enter into their professional relationship, As it has taken the form of this successful customer loyalty program.

And we say successful because this digital system not only has the ability to increase the volume of business you run Chipotle, and great in itself. No. The most special feature and higher expectations of future cause this type of apps Mobile is the enhancement of the information collected from users.

By agreeing to use the tool, Chipotle customers accept the terms and conditions of use app mobile. They figure that the company will collect information on how the application is used for commercial purposes.

As a result Chipotle will take charge of services ultrapersonalización that both trumpeted are being given in recent times. If you can spot trends and consumer habits of individual users, You can offer a service and user experience as. This methodology will have direct impact on the number of items sold, either because the client receives promotions that best fit your needs or because a more positive assessment of the brand invited to revisit this and other local diners more often.

Among the marketing strategies being considered in Chipotle Mexican Grill, CEO of the company does not rule out any, but points to the temporary discounts and reminders of items previously consumed. The results of the tests marketing carried out through the app Mobile customer loyalty will shape the future of selling digital channels in Chipotle.

further, already have a app This type is an advance in the digital space transformation restoration Chipotle. The ultimate goal is that the whole experience offered by the restaurant can be performed digitally if the customer desires. The right to discounts and special offers for loyalty shown to the chain is an issue ditched, It remains to be seen now how it evolves collection macrodatos and service ultrapersonalización.

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