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Chipotle move the kiosk ordering your app to improve the car service from the customer's car


Public exhibition that has been Chipotle Mexican Grill during its worst moments since the mid 2015 has caused its stock has subsided to unprecedented values. Specific, the shares of the fast food franchise have dropped about 30% in the last three years.

To combat this downtrend still in force, Chipotle explores new possibilities, for example outlets Drive-Thru (Auto-Service) in some US states. THE. However they not treated drive-thru usual, because customers can not place your order crispy tacos and burritos sauce bursting from the window of their vehicles.

To pick up an order through the new lines for cars, Chipotle customers will have to make use of app mobile franchise. From there you'll select different items they want to consume, diners receive a pick up once you make your order, and collect it in the window, the order may be paid in situ or subscriber from the same application. Benefits of app They are the usual for this type of software, available in many other companies as Domino’s, Pizza Hut Or until Dunkin’ Donuts, where they have recently introduced a collection program very similar threads in transit.

This methodology begins to dominate the market drive-thru as the quest to reduce the preparation time of food and, in general, the wait time experienced by the diner, does not stop. Similar decisions have taken other companies in the fast food segment, such as McDonalds, thus confirming the global trend in the sector. As in the case of Chipotle, the logic behind the company is the big red eme energizing queues vehicles.

Chipotle moment only five of these lines along EE. UU., Nevertheless the implementation will be continued in 2500 establishments run by the company on US soil. While not all of them may come to have a vehicle line, It all depends on the viability of the project at each location, he claimed Curt Garner, executive director of digital information Chipotle, a Sarah Whitten, from CNBC: «[must]understand how many of those locations lend themselves to the experience [of the drive-thru], even in those where it is not installed at first ".

In any case are clear intentions Chipotle, as a new establishment drive-thru It is already planned for the state of Virginia. Would open later this year.

Such facilities not only try to reduce the waiting time for customers and staff attention span. For many regular customers of the famous house burritos, to get out of the car, go to the box and pick up your order already is rather an inconvenience, It is no longer something pleasant.

Demand for comfort is there, but at times discomforts are no existing patents because the alternatives are unknown. This new type of drive-thru only for collection in transit (and coined the Anglo-Saxon terms drive-thru pick-up) It begins to be increasingly present in the lives of citizens, Y ignorance has become demand.

Even so, economic analysts that currently affect these facilities seem not monetized, as the cost of acquiring the surface outweighs the benefits. Now digital orders Chipotle still fall below the 10% of the total (8.8 percent to be exact). However it is necessary to force the implementation of the system when the trend of this percentage increase, and when Business competitors are implementing technology Not to be out of date.

Although not yet take out your performance drive-thru pick-up, Chipotle can boast that their fast food is increasingly, indeed, faster.

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