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¿Churros or porras? the dilemma of Christmas


On the last night of the year, many began to dream of what could become the starting gun a year round, a good cup of hot chocolate with churros. A tradition unforgiving stragglers ending Christmas celebrations with a dozen of these candies in hand, or early risers who want to start the day as it deserves.

These fried sweets, which have become an object of devotion beyond the holidays, They continue to generate debate about its origin. While churreros Association of Catalonia puts in Ancient Egypt, other experts say most reliable history coincide with the Arab world.

There is also another trend that supports the theory that they were brought by the Portuguese expeditions, from China, with so-called youtiau"Meaning fried in oil demon. This recipe was later modified by the Portuguese, who would bring sugar and starry classic form.

In the same way, it would not be following the discovery of America, with the arrival of cocoa to Europe through the Port de Indias (Sevilla), when the perfect match was invented in the halls of nobles with a cup of hot chocolate, tradition that has survived to this day.

This recipe, long called "pan fruit" (so defined by the RAE) or "sweet pan", He evolved to its current name ,“churros”, for his alleged resemblance to the horns of the Churro sheep, an original race of Castilla y León with which pastoralists find a likeness. Nevertheless, This is not your unique name for, the length and breadth of the national territory, many others have been adopted as "Jeringos" In Malaga, "Tejeringos" in Seville and Huelva or "warm" in Jaén.

Also it forms diverges depending on the geographical location, in Madrid, They are characterized by a particular bound form, a trend that is believed to be dating back to the nineteenth century when the city received from street peddlers. During which time they were known as "verbeneros".

We also found different ways: walking stick, spiral, straight or. This very typical in Mexico last, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay or Venezuela, Latin American countries that are leading to new creations and variants, in which the churros also filled chocolate, custard or caramel. If we talk about inventions, also include the churronuts, a new sweet fruit that has come to unite the best of both delights, and the churro donut.

And what about the batons? Definitely, these sweet, considered cousins, coexist with churros in popularity. They differ in the use of a small pinch of baking soda, greater quantity of water, I apart from longer frying because the thickness of the dough and rested briefly to acquire fluffiness and volume.

After learning more about its origin, how important, now, It is knowing where to find them enjoy. Here are the essentials:

In Madrid, this sweet is deeply rooted, so much, the churros and batons, They have shaped what is popularly known as breakfast Madrid. A delicacy that every Spaniard has had a chance to taste in San Ginés, in the center with 120 years of history, Valle Inclan already mentioned in Luces de Bohemia and now delights of Japanese in Tokyo, Chinese in Shanghai and Bogota.

Not so famous but equally loved by the locals found the Streetlights, Old Churrería O Rocamar. further, for fans, also aim San Onofre furnaces, as few craftsmen care the quality of their chocolate as much as they (without substitutes).

Barcelona when talking churros names resound Comaxurros, Churrería San Roman Y farm Dulcinea. In sevilla, the essential directions are trade and Churrería Brothers García Y, in Marbella, We also found a classic, Ramón churrería.

And in your city, we recommend that Crisps? Leave it in the comments…Thank you!

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