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Hundred dishes that revolutionized Spanish cuisine


Food critic and artistic producer Pepe Barrena in “Revolution” (Gastro planet), ha recopilado en un libro que narra plato a plato uno de los movimientos más influyentes en la gastronomía mundial, from the new Basque cuisine to the present.

These are dishes that have been able to score a before and after in Spanish cuisine generating a revolution which she gave them worldwide fame.

As he comentad the Barrena to own the EFE: "Try the almost 3.000 dishes that have entered the ranking has been a really exhausting task ". As regards the criterion for entering each dish on this list, the author stressed "any of the reasons leading innate creativity: a different concept or technique or start new scene. It is dishes with soul and have represented a lot for the cook and the traveler.”

From our digital newspaper we did not want to mention a publication focused on our gastronomy, also ha causado un gran impacto en las redes sociales.

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