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free thanks to home theater projector that gives Pizza Hut


The menu always this popular restaurant chain has a gift for your clients in Hong Kong: la Blockbuster box, you take the cinema home completely free

Who can resist a delicious pizza accompanied by a soda and XXL, as icing, a meeting of the best films? I, of course not. And neither are you sure. This perfect symbiosis between pizza and cinema has been the central theme of the campaign penultimate Pizza Hut. It's not about giving a movie ticket or lower the price of the same with your usual menu. You will not find the typical juguetito representing the main character of the film. Nor do you see your pizza carton become a film projector. Good, the latter is true yes; but it clarified that this offer only enjoy the people of Hong Kong.

Ogilvy design company & Mather Group He has launched the Blockbuster box, a box larger than usual but that delights consumers. To qualify for this promotion you only need to take the lens that comes inside, orient toward the wall, place our smartphone in the same direction and put the film that has touched us as the QR code that comes in a wrapper side. It would be something like this:

As can be seen in the images, the appearance of the boxes has also changed in favor of designs related to the seventh art. There are four different depending on the genre of the film that we will see: Romantic, of action, science fiction and horror. An original idea that has gotten supporters and detractors equally.

Pizza Hut lovers around the world want the pizza box Blockbuster arrive at your nearest store; Nevertheless, some who have tried it say that the quality of images and sound is very poor. Others criticize the mobile remains within the container, which makes the smell of pizza is impregnated in the smartphone or the room must be in total darkness.

In any case no doubt that this is a very elaborate marketing strategy for its designer, Red Collings, who can claim to be on everyone's lips beyond the borders of Hong Kong. And it is an idea never seen so far, it seems impossible for a projector that is prepared in less than two minutes, and from a carton, be able to allow a movie.

If we talk about movies and pizzas Telepizza have to mention one of the most involved, it is frequently found their packaging characterized with most anticipated releases: as is the starring Ninja Turtles. further, in certain periods of the year with your movie ticket make you a discount on their stores to order a medium pizza. Nor can we ignore the campaign launched this chain last year to celebrate Halloween. Of the 23 October to 2 November changed the classic look of cardboard covering its most famous product by a witch on a broomstick as a backdrop and a full moon and scenery, with most terrifying ghosts and cucurbits, in which black and red colors predominate. To make matters worse, If you pressed at a particular point of the box he is beginning to glow and emit sounds of Halloween.

Fever pizza cartons is present in almost every corner of the planet; This is how they have become famous some of its collectors. One is Scott Weiner, Natural US and Guiness Record holder as the person with the highest number of containers worldwide; has more than 650 in his power, from about 45 countries. This known record holder lives for pizzas: he is writing about them in various newspapers and on their own books, organizes tasting tours and talks about pizza boxes on their Youtube channel. But his wisdom goes beyond the Italian delight as it puts numerous programs that encourage teamwork up. This has allowed her to rub shoulders with the likes of multinational Google, Yahoo!, Citibank, Ing or the same Pizza Hut, among many.

Also other anonymous citizens show their talent for crafts to make works of art with cartons; And they are increasingly the reuse, They decorate and placed as pictures quite correctly. Others create ashtrays, boards for board games and supports laptops.

If we look back, specifically the year 2010, We see how Chocapic and played with his cardboard box and with the latest technology. This happened in Chile when Nestle and Gled, a Chilean software development company, I worked side by side to bring the cartons were transformed into market 3 different augmented reality video games. To achieve this milestone, it was necessary to first enter the website and Chocapic, after, bring the code that came on the packaging computer webcam so that this would recognize. From then it was just play. This was not the first time I tried something like Nestle, as a year earlier in France carried out the same strategy, which he earned him the prize “Observatory advertising innovation”. Later, in 2011, some 10 Nestle products traded over 26 million cases in 53 countries allowed to play combining augmented reality with 3D animation.

As we can observe, There are many brands that manage to turn the boxes into something useful. Pizza Hut has been the last to join this fashion so peculiar but only it has in the Far East. We look forward to the pizza box Blockbuster reaches Spain and we can have at hand one of the “inventions” most talked about in recent times. What will you do to make this giant pizzas hear our prayers?

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