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masterclass chef Gabriela Tassile on creativity in the kitchen Argentina


The leader Gabriela TASS, prestigious gastronomic consultant and professor MasterChef School Online, he gave on Tuesday that Master Class Kitchen Argentina aimed at chefs who perform their work in restaurants in Madrid, in order to bring modernity and creativity in their dishes.

The star of the day was the Italian brand Menu, leader in the manufacture of foods intended for professional catering, distributed in Spain by Benetti & Pecoraro. They made possible that it could carry out this intense training day by a passionate chef for cooking and with over fifteen years of experience.

A master class of modern and creative cuisine Argentina

The event, that developed in facilities Cocinering, professional kitchen space Capital, It was widely accepted and valued by attendees.

We leave you with some pictures that are good examples of success of the Argentina Magistral cooking class led by chef Gabriela Tassile:

master class chef Gabriela Tassile in Madridmaster class chef Gabriela Tassile in Madrid

Clase magistral de la cheff Gabriela Tassile en MadridClase magistral de la cheff Gabriela Tassile en Madrid_MG_5165_MG_5162Clase magistral de la cheff Gabriela Tassile en Madrid_MG_5128_MG_5243_MG_5239_MG_5226_MG_5249_MG_5262_MG_5258

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