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basic when opening a restaurant keys


It is estimated that in Spain, about seven of every ten new restaurants close in the first two years. The causes of this failure may be due to several factors, of which we will discuss a few below. But, better to say things you should not do to start your local, we believe it will be interesting to start by letting a number of Useful tips when opening a restaurant.

What we consider to open a restaurant

Having a business plan is essential for new entrepreneurs. Learn about all the requirements of the hospitality industry (health standards, licenses required, etc.) It is the first thing to do to avoid problems once you have opened the local.

In this plan, It should make clear what the niche market we want to conquer, what kind of food is to be served, the price range, the list of employees and their previous experiences, what food suppliers It will work or basic financial information (How much money is available, what budget there for decoration and buy / rent local, for the salary of employees, for suppliers?), among other issues.

Of course, have a food concept that want to offer much help when planning everything: Will home cooking, innovative or fast food? The restaurant industry is highly segmented today, so that we must clearly define our letter and make it consistent with the other elements of the restaurant as the decoration, the environment, music or even employee.

Refering to competition, It is important do a study on it and wonder what makes customers come to those places. When that question is obtained, the solution will improve what they offer or do differently. We recommend that you make a digital monitoring of customer feedback on competition, It is a quick way, easy and inexpensive to obtain valuable information.

The restaurant's location is one of the features that can lead to success or failure, unless the business is focused only to provide food service at home. The home can have an amazing decor and delicious menu, but if the location is bad, customers will not, as simple as that, It is a mistake that is usually paid dearly. We must find a site profile influx of customers in your niche, so you have more chance that people go.

Many of your customers will closeness, They attend because they live in the area, because they work within walking distance or because they pass near the restaurant. further, the local is spacious and comfortable It makes the first impression customers much more positive.

By last, owning a restaurant it is not just limited to the above named, also it involved in becoming a good leader for all employees, they are the ones who are in direct contact with the public and have much to blame for this back or not. At this time of many changes in the sector there is only a guarantee of success for a hotelier, the ongoing training his team

Causes of failure in many restaurants and how to avoid it

As you mentioned at the beginning, a very high percentage of restaurants begin their adventure in Spain, closed in their first years of life. The main cause of this problem is the lack of experience of the owners.

These, apart from having to meet all of the above, They should be clear that to be good managers, you need to work and spend a lot of time in the restaurant, especially at the beginning. Having a restaurant means working hard, on holidays and weekends, which means that the owner has to show a great passion and dedication for making. further, always It will be the benchmark for employees, so it is very important ejemplaridad.

To be original It is one of the strongest points to avoid business failure. If another business in the same sector triumphs, We do not have to trace what they do, but try to learn from them and improve what they offer.

Although many believe the opposite, Nor is it necessary to spend millions to have a successful business. You can succeed on a budget, Whenever things done right. Help of a good digital marketing strategy for to publicize our business in social networks and gain a base of potential customers is a great way to start working our brand in digital, then we are endorsing it work in the restaurant offering an excellent service.

Finally, the last point, and by no means the least important, is the treatment of customers. That they receive good service is essential for the business to grow, since it is they who will decide whether to recommend the restaurant. Nowadays, the clients They can leave their reviews on the Internet, where everyone can see them, so a bad review could become very harmful, especially in the first months. Not forget that food should not only keep up, but also the treatment of the waiters, who are the most to influence customer reviews.

On the other hand, managing all these comments and opinions adequately positively impact the business reputation online, It is a good basis for developing digital marketing strategy that we mentioned before, Y get customers through our social networks or website.

We could say that starting a business is not an easy task and It involves much effort and dedication, but eventually the results will begin to notice if it is constant and a number of basic requirements are met. Especially, It is important not to forget that the owner is the most important business figure and it is he who holds in his hand the possibility of making successful or not.

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  1. Thank you for this comprehensive article. I would add something that we do not put enough emphasis when opening an establishment which has great influence on the satisfaction of our customers. Lighting and acoustics. I think we spent little time and importance to these sections and has great impact on the welfare of our customers and the time spent in our local.

    Ignacio elmercadohostelero.com

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