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Keys to attract millennials to restaurants


The millennials are the consumers of the future, thus, restaurants and catering have to find new ways to adapt to the tastes of these clients. The technology, the speed and self are some of your preferences, so all restaurant with intent to engage this audience, can implement in their local some technological innovations that is sure to help you attract customers and meet their needs much better.

According to the study Sector of the restoration: consumption and market, produced by Fintonic, young people between 18 Y 35 years, those referred millennials, They spend an average of 55 euros per month restoration, and represent slightly less than 40% population.

Incorporating technology to restaurants

But above all, Millennials like new technologies, and this is something that also They take into account when choosing where to eat, or go for a drink with your friends. But that use of the Technology should be only part of the total experience, Thus, managers should search for the exact measurement between taking advantage of the latest innovations and continue to provide a practical and quick service.

In this point, the importance of noteworthy train staff to make a fluid use of innovations, and that they do not pose a problem or interruptions in giving the best service.

How to be a restaurant millenial – friendly in Spain

There are some technological innovations which can be incorporated into a restaurant simply, and that will appeal to millennials.

  • WiFi network for customers

Every restaurant should have a red WiFi powerful to provide its customers browsing the Internet from their mobile devices. And is that the millennials they need to be connected at all times, check their profiles on social networks and communicate with other friends. Of course, They are also common in online games for those who need connection, for example, the last boom which it has led to the emergence of Pokemon Go, about the We have already spoken in this newspaper.

Having said that, investment in broadband networks or fiber optic not a payout for the important business, even taking into account the return of investment, it will be almost immediate.

The solution for Reduce costs in this sense, is talking to the communications service provider. For example, In asturias, Telecable It has introduced a service called Wifisfera, through which all customers can enjoy WiFi connection cities completely free. A) Yes, establishments can offer Free WiFi on the terrace free of charge, although it works better if Internet customers have contracted with that company.

In this sense, It is also a good idea to facilitate connection points to the mains, so that visitors can charge your devices.

  • Self-service outlets

It may not be the ideal technology to be implemented in a restaurant aimed at an audience over gourmet, but the millennials like self-service. And for restaurants this innovation is a considerable saving on personnel issues, if you do not need to take food orders, You can focus on other tasks and perform their work with greater urgency.

There are several reasons why, in general, the millennial prefer self-service have to wait to be served, among them are two:

  1. They can see what they will consume, and choose accordingly.
  2. Make payments independently.

Fast food chains, like McDonald's are already implemented in Spain some automated points of sale: the consumer choose what you want to take on a computer, Y pay by cash or card on the same device.

  • Tablets and other mobile devices for staff

Restaurants are oriented to receive young, in many cases employees have the same age, accustomed to using new technologies and therefore, pencil and paper is over when taking the commandss. The tablets and other mobile devices replace the usual notepads, several advantages:

  1. The order arrives more quickly to the kitchen (immediate).
  2. By the computer system, the food orders will all together.
  3. The account is done automatically, avoiding miscalculations.

In Spain, this system is being introduced not only in restaurants youth-, but those devoted to more elaborate meals are also leaves changing commands by tablets because of the advantages.

  • mobile apps

Large clothing chains youth take a while creating apps so that users can buy directly through your mobile. Why not going to do restaurants?

The mobile applications are a Attraction great tool for millennials, as:

  1. They can perform We ordered the reserves from one site, can also read recommendations from other consumers.
  2. They have access to exclusive promotions.
  3. There is greater flexibility to relate with the establishment.

In Spain, fast food chains and home were the first to incorporate mobile apps, for example Burguer King in Casa.

As we can see, all hospitality businesses, but especially those dedicated to audience of the future, los millennial, They have decided bet on technological innovations. The objective it is clear: closer and closer to new customers and ofrecerl an experience according to what they are used.

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