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Keys to develop a perfect social networking strategy


For many, the year begins with the 1 from January, but for another lot of people, are the summer holidays which mark the turning point in the work schedule. Is the time of year it is, it is always necessary to stop one second, analyzing the results and watch carefully what has worked well and what not. This is fair point from which any strategy must start, and of course, Also if we talk about marketing for restaurants.

The first point to be clear when a strategy is that You must have a fixed-term. In hospitality deadlines are shorter than in other sectors, If the "greed" of the guild added the instantaneity of social networks, the results should be reviewed every so often. Understood briefly six months or one year.

Define the goals you want to achieve

They say all roads lead to Rome. Yes, but each must choose where to go, which roads take and how long to devote to the path. Social networks have a very clear objective, which in our case will be to sell (or fill restaurants). But this pathways are different, each restaurant, each product is unique in its kind and is at a different stage, why you need a personalized plan.

It is not the same strategy and objectives are the same those who persecute the newly opened restaurants that others who are already settled, with its clientele. Nor social networks should be treated as if the product is new, especially if it is an incorporation, or if it is an existing. So that, a local product and last minute volume need to win followers, without forgetting the loyalty of them. While meanwhile, a restaurant "hearth" requires giving affection for its people without neglecting potential customers.

These objectives such as the number of followers, customer loyalty, improve online reputation, etc. They should be reviewable, like mortgages, in short periods of time to always be active. Stop social networking is the worst decision you can make in a world that lives in eternal innovation.

Goals are achieved in accordance arise new objectives to which the restaurant and the product must have a clear philosophy. Because, although the road follow, You needed at a first time: define the language (colloquial, serious…) you want to use, design and personal image. Keeping a constant, brand image is the guide which marks the time.

The choice of channel is critical

Not the same restaurant on Calle Jorge Juan de Madrid one in the neighborhood of Huertas but have the same weapons for battle. Nowadays, the world is governed by two companies that do not need to mention and are the mainstream media through which the public knows the latest gastronomy industry.

The most positive part of Google and Facebook (¡Ups! the end itself have been mentioned) is dependent self. Google positioning varies depending on what you want to pay Google Ads, but also It has to do with how you work your tools (at Web, blog section of the website itself, Google Maps, profile on major social networks ...). In the case of Facebook also changes depending on the budget brand, but Equally important is the content. Content that should not be alone in its main platform, but also in other companies belonging to the network of Mark Zuckerberg.

In the purely gastronomic and hospitality field the channel gained more adept at, which can be closer to that big goal it is to sell, sell and sell again, is none other than Instagram. Gastro-channel is the quintessential. A nice photo of a dish at the right time is infallible and therefore should be the fundamental factor, pay more attention to and which to keep track of their latest, constantly looking for new ideas. further, after the last update of the platform, and it will be possible reservation at a restaurant directly from a photo posted on Instagram.

Aside other channels would make sense if they occupy a large space in budget items, but not if they are free. Twitter, for example, is a great ally when dialing targeted customer loyalty, and is also the perfect channel for Customer.

Nor should we forget the restaurant blog. It is a channel that has an incredible potential SEO. That is to say, which allows the brand is positioned in the search engines before the competition Y, so, is about a channel that should not be neglected.

Budget for social networks and the return obtained

Everything in life is not money, but in business itself. Defined objectives and means by which they want to achieve, it's back to stop a second and know how much you want to spend to get them.

We have to budget the money spent on social networks, in which they are becoming increasingly important celebrities Ads, but also have professionals and resources of these have to reach the targets. Some goals reflected in a detailed report that shows the path and lies ahead: the objectives achieved and future strategies.

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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