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Keys to making good pictures in tatty restaurants


Instagram publish photographs of the dishes when you find in restaurants with Michelin stars does not have much merit. The provision of food, its proportions, and even the furniture and lighting room create such an attractive framework greatly facilitate the work to the casual photographer. And of course, thus the resulting photographs may not be desirable.

The biggest challenge lies in sharing good pictures of seedy establishment Corner. No one doubts that the food is superb, but ordinary photography or not attract the hungry customers: bad light, absence of decorative elements, emplatados unstyled, etc. So you have to consider as true experts in dignifying deposited almost any food on a plate, and teachers foodporn, those who They make us salivate every day with photos of their dishes, although they are eating on a terrace with chairs and umbrellas sponsored by the brewer best known.

This is the case for example Laura López (@lauraponts), with almost 200.000 followers and the best gastronomy in Spain Instagram 2015. Pulling out common sense, creativity and good taste It was a hole in the landscape without any baggage, nor with the camera or as a food stylist. So she has published a book (Arte foodie, Planet) and some brands and renowned restaurants is the rifan, while it has already signed a contract with the chef Nandu. Today is a renowned expert in culinary marketing has succeeded in making his passion into a business.

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How to handle the camera to succeed in social networks

Their images in social networks They are the result of a careful preparation. But what about the dish already prepared that has no where to get it? Experts recommend this kind of photography not skimp on creativity and abuse blur. For it, It comes well have an SLR camera that allows use the depth of field.

But not everyone has a right equipment. Fortunately, mobile phones are becoming more advanced and have macro and portrait modes coming from beads to achieve the desired effect. Flip the plate to find the most attractive point is a good start. From there, The general recommendation is to set the focus on the nearest part so that blurring go to infinity.

Photo environment is also essential. The more personality has, the better the end result. A slightly off course can give character to the decision, and if it is located on an old wooden table, better. It is a matter of creativity. Each scenario has its potential, Your mission is to find.

The most important thing to capture almost anything is enlightenment, It does not take a professional to know that dark images unattractive. It is therefore important to use the brightest possible target, especially in those restaurants where light is absent. Food photography experts are clear in this regard: there is always that shoot in good light, if possible naturally. So it is best to use the means that are available.

Techniques to take good pictures in any restaurant

Whether a nearby window or mobile flash, but remember that the latter is one of the great enemies of the pictures taken with smartphones. It is increasingly common to see customers asking nearby tables at the windows thinking about the quality of your photographs. A lack of SLR, the smartphones today incorporate really bright lenses that help in the task. Handled well in manual mode with technical terms such as ISO, he white balance and the opening Lens is also important.

By last, speed is everything. There are ingredients that do not wear well over time,for example, processed cheese of a hamburger which hardens on cooling. That will greatly affect photography.

Definitely, displays the story you want to have that dish, Choose the best angle for taking photography, care light, adjusts the focus point to what you want to stand out and develops his own style through trial and error.

It is possible to succeed in Instagram immortalizing the only dishes restaurants more tatty city. You just have to know how to do, choose the right time of day and put large doses of creativity.

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