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Keys to more efficient waiters in a restaurant


Being a waiter in a restaurant can have drawbacks, the hours are long, It can be exhausting, you have to deal with difficult customers and dirty dishes. Nevertheless, It can be rewarding work together to make a meal a great experience. Here are a few basic tips to become a happy waiter and… profitable.

Being a bartender can be financially rewarding and extremely flexible, so a many people perform this job: University students, moonlighting, artists…

As in any work, simply Inertia will not be achieved No change, nor will bring you more money. But unlike sales jobs or hired a longer sales cycle, There are several ways that the waiters get immediate income. If you're owner a restaurant and you will contract personal, try to have those people who are really interested in providing great experiences. O If you're a waiter, try these tips to help you bring more money home.

Tips for the waiters manage to increase customer tickets:

  1. Sell ​​an experience, not a thing. Instead of a glass of wine, It offers an experience, for example: French wine paired with cheese and, same, a setting of French table. Instead of asking “Would you like some wine with food?” We try to say “A Ribera del Duero would make a perfect match with the meat”…try, try try y.
  2. Advises diners to have a more complete experience to accompany your meal with a typical product, snack or dessert. Demonstrate your expertise engaging a correct, smooth and friendly relationship with your customers.
  3. Being efficient is not to be quick. Customers flow, the tables are empty and filled the restaurant and bring benefits, so, To the Waiter, but this does not mean we do not run diners that provoke indigestion Choking. further, We can take a number of routines to avoid wasting time, or disrupt service, coming and going from the kitchen. That is to say, well pick out all there is and what there is in the letter, and possible food allergies or, for example, pay directly from the table. Walks through the dining room should never be empty handed, there will always be something to wear and bring the kitchen, pay close attention.

Tips for managers to train the waiters and more revenue achieved in the restaurant:

  1. To train, to train, to train. The manager must train the restaurant staff. The server can not increase sales effectively if you do not know what is available or what elements combine perfectly Restaurant. Wine Tastings, tasting menu dishes and learning about how to match recipes and drinks are essential. Staff need these culinary experiences to provide great suggestions diners.
  2. Keep track of the waiters more effective. Records of electronic devices carrying the waiters can help managers understand the behavior of the waiters during service and, thus, You can help those who need it and encourage with congratulations to who does well. A) Yes, the staff will be happy, which it is favorable for any business.

Tips for waiters and managers:

  1. Keep a positive attitude. Do not be put off by those impossible to please guests. They are there, touch you serve them every day but stay and get motivated with experience of caring for people and grateful friendly. Your smile always have to be ready for them.
  2. The team has to support. as manager, promotes good labor relations, as a waiter, put them into practice with your peers. Not only be favorable for the team, but customers will realize this, you'll notice the friendly atmosphere and thank you.

Why not sell your waiters?

It's a shame to have waiters who are only dedicated to transporting dishes from the kitchen to the living. The staff has much more potential Would not it be better to sell well? Imagine having a waiter at each table focused on customer service but also sales. Keep reading, ahead, Here's how to do it.

Pero, primero ¿por qué no venden tus camareros? Seguramente no sea por falta de motivación, ni porque no quieran, seguramente es porque no han sido formados para que lo hagan. El personal que entra a trabajar en tu restaurante ha sido seleccionado por ti y tú le has dicho o no lo que tiene que hacer. ¿Le explicaste cómo tenía que vender tus platos más rentables?

Aquí unos factores que te ayudarán a transformar a tu personal en excelentes vendedores de tus productos:

  • En la selección está la clave del éxito: elige personas con buen trato, agradables, simpáticas y que comuniquen con su sonrisa. Es más sencillo enseñar a una persona con estas cualidades el trabajo de un camarero que transformar a una persona seria y sin carisma.
  • Que sepa entender al cliente: el personal que está de cara al público tiene que tener una serie de capacidades que los habiliten a satisfacer al cliente en todo momento, lo que ayudará a subir la cuenta gracias a las recomendaciones.

Algunas habilidades básicas que tiene que tener el personal son, por ejemplo, saber escuchar, tener paciencia, ser proactivo, ser experto en los productos y servicios que ofrece el restaurante, desarrollar la habilidad de trabajar bajo presión, cuidar el lenguaje corporal y generar un ambiente agradable.

  • Tienes que darle la mayor información y formación posible a tu personal: los camareros deben tener un total conocimiento del producto que tienen que vender. El personal no puede responder con frases como “todo está bueno” o “acabo de empezar”.

La formación en estos casos es fundamental. El personal debe probar toda la carta, que el chef les explique cada receta, los ingredientes, qué no es apto para alérgicos e intolerantes. También se debe explicar al personal con qué vinos marida cada plato y qué platos son más rentables para el restaurante. Sala debe conocer todo lo que pasa en cocina, y la cocina debe conocer todo lo que pasa en la sala…¡está es una de las claves!

En nuestras manos está que la experiencia del cliente sea lo más satisfactoria posible y que este vuelva, puesto que es una gran forma de rentabilizar cada visita. No olvides que las facturas de tu restaurante te las pagan tus clientes.

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