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Keys to more efficient waiters in a restaurant


Being a waiter in a restaurant can have drawbacks, the hours are long, It can be exhausting, you have to deal with difficult customers and dirty dishes. Nevertheless, It can be rewarding work together to make a meal a great experience. Here are a few basic tips to become a happy waiter and… profitable.

Being a bartender can be financially rewarding and extremely flexible, so a many people perform this job: University students, moonlighting, artists…

As in any work, simply Inertia will not be achieved No change, nor will bring you more money. But unlike sales jobs or hired a longer sales cycle, There are several ways that the waiters get immediate income. If you're owner a restaurant and you will contract personal, try to have those people who are really interested in providing great experiences. O If you're a waiter, try these tips to help you bring more money home.

Tips for the waiters manage to increase customer tickets:

  1. Sell ​​an experience, not a thing. Instead of a glass of wine, It offers an experience, for example: French wine paired with cheese and, same, a setting of French table. Instead of asking “Would you like some wine with food?” We try to say “A Ribera del Duero would make a perfect match with the meat”…try, try try y.
  2. Advises diners to have a more complete experience to accompany your meal with a typical product, snack or dessert. Demonstrate your expertise engaging a correct, smooth and friendly relationship with your customers.
  3. Being efficient is not to be quick. Customers flow, the tables are empty and filled the restaurant and bring benefits, so, To the Waiter, but this does not mean we do not run diners that provoke indigestion Choking. further, We can take a number of routines to avoid wasting time, or disrupt service, coming and going from the kitchen. That is to say, well pick out all there is and what there is in the letter, and possible food allergies or, for example, pay directly from the table. Walks through the dining room should never be empty handed, there will always be something to wear and bring the kitchen, pay close attention.

Tips for managers to train the waiters and more revenue achieved in the restaurant:

  1. To train, to train, to train. The manager must train the restaurant staff. The server can not increase sales effectively if you do not know what is available or what elements combine perfectly Restaurant. Wine Tastings, tasting menu dishes and learning about how to match recipes and drinks are essential. Staff need these culinary experiences to provide great suggestions diners.
  2. Keep track of the waiters more effective. Records of electronic devices carrying the waiters can help managers understand the behavior of the waiters during service and, thus, You can help those who need it and encourage with congratulations to who does well. A) Yes, the staff will be happy, which it is favorable for any business.

Tips for waiters and managers:

  1. Keep a positive attitude. Do not be put off by those impossible to please guests. They are there, touch you serve them every day but stay and get motivated with experience of caring for people and grateful friendly. Your smile always have to be ready for them.
  2. The team has to support. as manager, promotes good labor relations, as a waiter, put them into practice with your peers. Not only be favorable for the team, but customers will realize this, you'll notice the friendly atmosphere and thank you.

Why not sell your waiters?

It's a shame to have waiters who are only dedicated to transporting dishes from the kitchen to the living. The staff has much more potential Would not it be better to sell well? Imagine having a waiter at each table focused on customer service but also sales. Keep reading, ahead, Here's how to do it.

But, First why not sell your waiters? Surely it is not for lack of motivation, or because they want, it's probably because they have not been formed to do so. Personnel who come to work in your restaurant has been selected for you and you told him or not what you have to do. Did you explain how you had to sell your most profitable dishes?

Here are a few factors that will help you transform your staff in excellent sellers your products:

  • The selection is the key to success: Choose people with good treatment, pleasant, Sympathetic and communicate with your smile. It is easier to teach a person with these qualities the work of a waiter who transform a serious person without charisma.
  • Who can understand the customer: staff that faces the public has to have a number of capabilities that empower customer satisfaction at all times, which will help raise the account thanks to the recommendations.

Some basic skills that must have staff son, for example, listening, have patience, be proactive, be an expert on the products and services offered by the restaurant, develop the ability to work under pressure, care body language and create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • You have to give the further information and possible training to your staff: the waiters must have full knowledge of the product they have to sell. The staff can not respond with phrases like “Everything is good” O “I just started”.

Training in these cases is essential. Staff must try whole letter, the chef them explain each recipe, the ingredients, which it is not suitable for allergic and intolerant. It should also explain to the staff what each dish and wine marida what dishes are more profitable for the restaurant. Room must know everything that happens in kitchen, and the kitchen should know everything that happens in the room…It is one of the keys!

In our hands is that the customer experience as pleasant as possible and that this again, since it is a great way to monetize each visit. Do not forget that your restaurant bills you pay them your customers.

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