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Keys to our restaurant will not sink like the Titanic


Today, again by zapping in front of my TV, I see yet again the revival of the award-winning film “Titanic”. I use this film and historical simile to address the issue of so many restaurants do not appreciate its internal crisis, unable to detect it early, as it happened then.

This "disease" is so widespread that even television has taken advantage of it, and there are countless programs in all languages, in which famous chefs, halfway between theatricality and reality, desmenuzan the whys of the infeasibility Restaurant visit.

Let's use the analogy of the Titanic, a formidable boat for its size, for his strength, it was very comfortable, agile and effective for the deeds that he would entrust. Many legends and mysteries have emerged about the tragedy This liner that according to its builders: "Not even God could sink”.

On the fifth day cruise happily enjoying the passage, socializing, having fun. He 14 April 1912, the Titanic received throughout the day up to seven radio warnings about the presence of icebergs in the area, but the radio was not operational. However the latest sign, proved fateful. Lookouts had no binoculars to spot obstacles and when they wanted to make this last warning was too late. Despite the efforts of the bridge to maneuver, the contradictory information of your captain, I did reverse the march of the propellers and sent divert the course, and the collision was inevitable.

As those skilled in the art, to make the turn, Captain should increase the feed rate to lessen the impact of the crash, or change gear helices while maintaining the same course to ram the ice with the bow speed and break the iceberg.

Nevertheless, simultaneously both maneuvers were contradictory. The Titanic hit the iceberg opening a huge hole, although at first nobody realized the seriousness of the matter. The force of impact alerted all passengers and although many looked out on deck to see what happened were not unaware of what was about to happen. Some even set out to play football with pieces of ice that fell on the deck while others continued their activities.

When filled with water the first five compartments, the boat began to tilt the bow and the water began to pour into the sixth and seventh gallery. The second officer inspected the ship and concluded that they would have one hour, at most two, before the boat sank. Nevertheless, despite the strength of that statement, the order received was another and so all the energy he devoted himself to lighten the ship while the orchestra was still playing, as if nothing had happened.

How to avoid the collapse of our restaurant

This nautical simile we can apply perfectly to our restaurant. Many attitudes are similar to those found in the historical fact narrated, like today are coincident reports indicate production model depletion of many businesses catering.

As it happened to Captain Smith, if the restaurant does not specialize, if not improves its products and services to other higher value added, if not innovates and develops technologically, If you do not cooperate, If you do not care human resources, will be very difficult to stay afloat.

Administrations should coordinate their policies with the local environment, national and European. On the contrary, the bow of the crisis will be increasingly and many red rockets sent in distress signal, if no answer, This situation will worsen.

If these emergencies do not lead to immediate action reaction and no direct application run and coordinated, no We follow the path of competitiveness. Because what is certain is that the hull of the company in crisis is not for many more lunges and can hardly navigate the oceans new market, when it was used only to move along the coast. If the hull of the company does not support many more blows, if it begins to suffer wear materials or already drilled, It may be too late.

Navegantes in the, when we see that our boat upright, and it will be very difficult to refloat.

About the Author

Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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  1. Agapito Barroso on

    With a lot of frequency, Titanic acts as something “so simple” as not having an independent design kitchens or design intuition, By placing the machine where it seems that is where they are better, but without giving importance to energy saving, investment, food, sustainability, etc. Offenses help sink more than 30.000 every year.

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