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Cloud Restaurants: how to scan your restaurant


Digitization is one of the main axes of the fourth industrial revolution, a transformation that is affecting all economic sectors, including hotels and restaurants. We have entered the digital decade and restaurants must seize the opportunities offered by new technologies for more efficient management and increase competitiveness. Because, digitalization will have a special treatment HIP – Horeca Professional Expo, which is held in the 24 al 26 February in IFEMA (Madrid).

Through Hospitality 4.0 Congress, the largest international congress of innovation Horeca, professionals of any type and size of business can discover the tools and solutions to digitize different areas of your business. Digital Agenda Summit is a thought for all managers and entrepreneurs who want to understand the process of digital transformation that is living industry and as new technologies are revolutionizing the industry and changing the relationship with customers.

digital solutions for better management

Restaurant entirely accurate overall control of all areas, in which data are generated that are essential to analyze and interpret to make decisions that improve business productivity. Faced with this wealth of information, CEO and founder of Mapal Software, Jorge Lurueña, show as a digitized restaurant management offers numerous advantages that restorers can not miss: plan intelligently shifts to avoid overstaffing, real-time control all the variables of the business to improve service to the customer, or know the opinion of the customer at all times.

further, Juan Antonio Valbuena, software & solutions manager they Amrest, Javier Arevalo, director of information technology Restalia, Y Monica Perez the bear&Food, They will share their success story in the digitization of managing their establishments.

"Understanding the connection between scanning and real ROI of the company is the first step in the transformation of a digital integrated management of the entire business", says Director of Hospitality 4.0 Congress, Eva Ballarín. The solution for better management of restaurants is in the cloud and digital tools to set up a business organization as needed. In this sense, CEO of G-Stock, Federico Fritzch, will explain how the hybridization of digitizing backoffice-frontoffice allows hyper-personalized digital structures that provide key information for decision-making of any restaurant business.

The challenges of digitization, en Hospitality 4.0 Congress

Innovation and digital processing are some of the main axes of HIP, which this year will address the challenges of this digitization through more than 20 summits and hand 450 international experts in the Hospitality 4.0 Congress. A) Yes, in addition to the Digital Agenda, Congress brings together more than 30.000 entrepreneurs and professionals will also have the Foodservice Robotics Pioneers, the world's leading robotics forum for hospitality, and analyze new business models have emerged as a result of this transformation of the sector in Summit Dark Kitchens, Delivery & Food as a Service. In addition to other specific agendas as Agenda USA, Revolution in Room, People Product Planet, Culinary Action O Cook Room restorers to discover the latest innovations and trends that help drive their business to another level.

And the climax to this great event as will the innovation awards The Best Digital Restaurants 2020 – #TheBestDR2020, which according to its creator, Diego Coquillat, “These awards are the only ones in the world who place value and recognize the digital and technological management of the best restaurants, chefs and this year as a novelty, also maitres”. On Wednesday 26 February will be the gala awards ceremony at the Digital Theater in ExpoHIP.

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