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CloudReputation, it is possible to manage and improve the online reputation of a restaurant in an automated way


The team interviewed CloudReputation, The main application of online reputation for hospitality that applies artificial intelligence and to be present in ExpoHIP.

1.- For those who still do not know you, tell us what is CloudReputation

CloudReputation is an assistant online reputation. I there are several services that help monitor reviews on the same interface but we have proposed to take it a step further – we want to automate the 100% of the process of collection of opinions, reviews .... and answer.

basically, we want our system to be put on autopilot and able to handle all without any human interaction reputation, the sea, without losing the original customization. We're not there yet, but we have worked with over 1.000 customers since we launched the product and have implemented many improvements.

Our system is purely based on Machine Learning, which it is the technology behind the Artificial Intelligence. This allows the application to learn by itself is used as, so each week the system is more accurate and intelligent.

2.- The online reputation management, it is without a doubt, Basic to the digital success of a restaurant, What are the main keys to optimize the management of the online reputation of a restaurant?

Users write and read reviews about restaurants than any other type of business. And that, Of course, It influences them when making decisions. Mismanagement of the online reputation of your restaurant can make the difference between having customers waiting list and empty tables on a Saturday night. After analyzing our customers the keys are as follows:

  • Manage the bad reviews
  • Proudly display the good reviews
  • Analyze trends
  • Keep an eye on competition (keeping track of the competition)
  • Know your customers better

That's when it becomes essential to have a platform Online Reputation. This may have as much weight as the quality of food or care in our room. At the end, are aspects of the business that take value as they are shared with the community. The aim is that the technology do the heavy lifting and complicated.

3.- The rise of Instagram is making more and more customers share their dining experience as a photo or video. What is the progress of AI in the management and analysis of this type of content?

Food photography has taken great notoriety in social networks, specially in Instagram. Consumers share pictures of their dishes as, so too, the atmospheres in which are comfortable. These feelings are hard to express in words and that is why it is important to have an online reputation platform possessing image recognition algorithms (CloudReputation System features Deep Learning).

In this way we will have an assessment where before we saw more images. Some of our customers have more than 200 sales points and a 50 Photos published to the day. At the end of a week are 350 Photos and month 1,500. It is impossible for a human being is able to absorb and analyze all that information and draw overall conclusions. Our models identify food but also the demographics of the people in the photos.

We provide information age, gender and cultural traits of your restaurant customers – valuable data if they used to manage the brand that wants to sell.

4.- You You use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to manage the online reputation of a restaurant, What will be the role of online reputation over the next 5 years?

A lot of people related artificial intelligence with robots or autonomous cars. There are very fascinating projects, but the great value of artificial intelligence is when applied to tasks that today are manual and an algorithm can automatically but above all can learn and improve over time. This is precisely what we do and our ultimate goal is to provide a system 100% automatic.

Today we are not yet ready. CloudReputation makes suggestions that users can use directly or modify if the algorithm is not entirely accurate. In 5 years are confident that our system will talk over 50 Languages, had challenged humanized form custom y, and no human interaction is required.

5.- You're going to be present at the next edition of ExpoHIP day 24 a 26 February, Tell us what news going to present.

We have seen the HIP twice but this is the first year we will have a physical stand and are excited. Since we launched two years ago CloudReputation, We have worked with hundreds of restaurants to go find our place in the market, know the hospitality industry and develop a flagship product.

Our first version of the app had certain limitations and that is why we decided to design CloudReputation from zero. In ExpoHIP we are delighted to introduce the new version of what we believe is the best online reputation system market. These are the main innovations:

  • Faster: Big Data? For if ... it is very real. Some of our customers have more than 100 thousand opinions. The first version was not prepared for such data volume. The new CloudReputation can handle the data in the application instantly regardless of the number of opinions you have in the account.
  • Smartest: Our system analyzes the opinions and photos using Machine Learning adapted for restaurants and detects the feeling of opinions. We have used more than 10 millions of opinions to teach our application to understand the content of the opinions in the context where they are used.
  • Easier to use: Simplicity is the art of making the complicated easy. Our new interface allows our users complete the tasks to be done easily and without confusion. When you come to CloudReputation you find a modern and coherent product , without losing any functionality.

we will do demonstrations, explain and give access to the application to all concerned to come to our booth. We also have our merchandising, a very cool t-shirts to promote the new version. We hope to see everyone at HIP!

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