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Charge for sharing plato trend or abuse?


More and more restaurants around the world add to fashion to include in his letter the legend “surcharge shared starter”, which causes all kinds of reactions among diners.

Eating out is for many an adventure: set a budget, choose a restaurant and opt for a menu are important decisions we must make. But it does not end there, because nothing compares to the face we put when we bring the account.

Why is it so expensive if there are diners who have not asked for anything? The question is unquestionable and the answer also because naively thought it will be a mistake. After talking with the bartender and expose the “problem” we realize that at that restaurant a charge is set for people who share plate.

Although the law permits, provided that the visitor knows beforehand, by mouth because the waiter or indicated in the letter, It is not well seen by most customers since these are considered duped into paying twice for the same menu.

“The law determines that the offer freely choose the entrepreneur, ie they can charge for what you want, but with the obligation to give prior notice to the consumer” assures Enrique García, from TO FATHER. Unfortunately there are several places where it is taken to extremes this regulation, while sometimes real abuses have been committed. Charge a client with headache 25 cents for a Aspirin or include a plus 30 cents per serving overcooked meat are episodes that have occurred in our restaurants.

Restaurants that charge for sharing the plate

In almost every corner of the planet we can find facilities that include a surcharge on the final ticket for serving empty plates in order to share several menu. Especially It occurs in kitchens with large numbers in which a seat is a privilege. Here are some examples:

1. Kansas Grill & Bar. It is distinguished as one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires kitchenette. It offers an extensive menu diners but if anything stands out is because of the abundance of food in each serving dish, While most of the time are 2 people that are needed to finish. It is because of that states in his letter an additional price 35$ -some 30 euros- regardless of the cost to have the commands.

2. The Carnegie Deli. New York is from 1937 one of the most iconic restaurants across the United States by one of its star dishes: hot pastrami sandwich. And it is that most of their food is served freshly smoked and cooked, causing endless waiting for a table. Prices are also a good claim as ranging from $10 and the $38 but if you happen to share plate -a fact very common- There were also other 3 Dollars.

The supplement in Spanish restaurants, To the order of the day

How could it be otherwise, in addition to countries such as Argentina, United States or Mexico, Spain also penalizes those who in times of crisis does not want to give up a delicious menu and choose to share it. Then the modus operandi of detailed 5 restaurants for which the menu is not transferable, although everything is just arranging with some money.

5 Spanish restaurants charge applied on shared menus

1. the Spa. Located on the beach, Suances, It has been refurbished and renamed The new Spa. It is known that, in addition to its prime location, It serves a menu of more than affordable day as between the 16 and the 18 euros. Eat a la carte delicacies like rice, cod, filled peppers or grilled meat does not exceed 30 euros. Nevertheless, when someone asks an empty dish to share menu must add other 4 the final price euros.

2. House Martin. Jaca, Huesca, It is one of the most famous brasseries of the province. It specializes in traditional Aragonese cuisine like crumbs, Snails grilled meat or native Pyrenean and menus, both day as special, They have reasonable prices. Everything looks good until The menu warns us that a supplement will apply 5 euros per share food since they must provide covered and empty plates for the second diner.

3. The camera. Located in an excellent atmosphere in one of the most famous squares in Pontevedra, Teucro Square, It is known for offering a wide and varied menu with rice, Iberian, scrambled, patés, salads, meat and fish. The menu also wasted because it is completely at the same cheap: just 11 euros, although If someone comes up and asks to share bring an empty plate must know that the price increases 2,50 euros.

4. The ranch. This is a service area next to La Bañeza, Lion, where the cost of daily menu does not exceed 15 euros and can choose from 10 first and as many seconds. In its extensive menu, where they have room octopus, clams or chicken to beer, we read that a supplement to be charged 3 euros per diner who do not eat menu but the fact is that price takes into account only if an empty plate is asked to share menu -in terms of service-.

5. Tearoom El Bosque. As its name indicates, This property is decorated like a forest and green tones predominate, no trees inside and branches “caen” of the roof. As for the food I must say that are offered 5 dishes which change from time to time- and the diner is free to try the regular menu, where you choose 2 dishes and dessert 12 euros; or the tasting menu, which they are half portions of the five dishes 15 euros.

Until the 23 February 2016 both your Facebook page like in your blog He appeared the following legend “Should ask for menus to share, We charge extra for each additional diner in concept: drinks, pan, Water, service, crockery and occupation”. Not specify what the cost of that surcharge. From 1 of March, Nevertheless, We warn of a change “Given that you can order individual dishes and to simplify, from now there will be no sharing option menus”.

& Quot; Given that you can order individual dishes and to simplify, from now there will be no sharing option menus"

Restaurants encourage shared dish

On the opposite side to the above examples are those establishments that encourage visitors to try everything that they desire. How? Among a wide range of customers decide what dishes table and immediately ask these they come already divided into portions for everyone to eat what belongs.

In 2012 Sevilla launched an initiative 16 Restaurants included stamped Share and that It turned out to be a success, as the final price per person was a 30% lower than in normal conditions. That same year he opened Share, in Girona, a restaurant known for serving dishes to share in the center of the table.

Every time we are more conditioned to the choice of restaurant: The ubication, the decoration, the opinions of diners, the treatment of staff, the price… If there is not enough with all this, also we have to be very careful with the letter and additional premium services. However, we know what does not appear in that “document” You can not charge, although I'm sure many of us is we come to mind a memory that deserves to be forgotten.

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. antonio council on

    I do not feel bad at all that a fee charged for sharing, the same as when you ask for half portions are a little price increase, not being exactly half the price of the ration. I think it's just defense establishment before the picaresque little food ask for a larger group, to save. However you are occupying a table and using a time waiter at the end you can not get you out everything that should the hotelier profitable. Consider that the landlord has to earn money to pay their suppliers, its employees and expenses. Another issue is that you do not like to be reminded of it, in which case it is a scam… but like bread service, the terrace or any other that you do not like to be reminded in advance.

  2. Hello,

    The truth is that the holder leads to deception and I would rather entitle something like “Supplement ready to go and try to trick the restaurant” 🙂

    I agree that information should be specified, but also it enters the common sense that if they are both still are the two restaurant to eat … anyone comes up with a group to go to a movie and take only one entry that the rest do not want to see her even if you pretend to sit in the room with his friend.

    I'm usually on the client side but here I miss in “my side”, education, very complex common sense and above all respect for someone who is trying to earn a living working in lake.

    To add to the list of sites “supplement”, Candle in El Campello where indicated in the letter that at least have to order a dish per diner!.


    • Fernando thanks for your input, as always very interesting and it certainly is a complicated issue, but occurs with some frequency the typical case of a table 10 there is one who does not eat for any reason…¿You lose the entire table because there is one that will not eat?, each to take the decision it deems, although undoubtedly greatly facilitate those who will not want to eat do not go to the restaurant.

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