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Coca-Cola strengthens its customization options with a new beverage dispenser Bluetooth connection


The importance of product customization has been investigated by many marketing experts have long, but its relevance has soared in modern times. The current consumer generation has been described as demanding, capricious and selfish. Qualifying unflattering in our opinion, but they underline the importance of this field.

Between the advantage widely documented in manuals Market and textbooks School customization are:

  • The possibility of increasing prices by offering a product that the customer feels more comfortable or identified.
  • More willing to make expenditures perceived as high and decreased friction caused by the item's price.
  • Extraction capacity market data via the clients themselves, their preferences and choices, which makes wholly or partly unnecessary outlay large amounts of money to agencies or similar market analysis.
  • Higher rate of recurring sales Y, on the other hand, fewer incidents of complaints and disgruntled users.
  • Mayor online presence. The best ally of marketing through social networking is product customization. Promotion of the products can be left in the hands of the buyers themselves.
  • improves fidelity, consumer involvement and esteem facing the mark. This also affects an increased sales volume.

These points are not intended to form an exhaustive list, but exemplify the countless pros featuring product customization. Thus, it is logical that giants like Coca-Cola seek new possibilities when applying restaurant technology that allows them to configure products to suit the user.

The technology, service and consumer taste

In late May, Coca-Cola unveiled its new drink dispenser edge. It hidden in the usual specifications such a characteristic of said apparatus connectivity.

This new model will come equipped standard with a Bluetooth connection that allow the dispenser and the customer's mobile phone to communicate. For what? Well, neither more nor less than to drink is dispensed personalized comfortable diner in question.

And why not? At the end of the day today We use your mobile phone to a thousand and one reasons, This may be another.

further, if you took a liking to mix two or more drinks in the glass during birthday parties with your classmates, no longer you have to endure the incredulous looks of cashiers. Mix your machine will allow Coca-Cola always with Trina, one Burn or any other trademark of many that owns The Coca-Cola Company.

This functionality must be added that if you have a mixture that you never get tired, after dialing the percentages of different drinks the machine has put together, mobile app that allows system operation He memorized the option in the history of recently consumed drinks or a favorites list.

This could invigorate the queues that form when fans of Coca-Cola brews begin to test the infinite customization possibilities offered by the machine.

He beverage dispenser Freestyle 9100, and it is called the apparatus presented during last trade show of the National Restoration Society held in Chicago (Illinois, OF. UU.), is the evolution of a previous model also offered product customization, although it did through a convoluted process involving the use of QR codes and corresponding readers.

further, Freestyle 9100 It has a much wider range of drinks, until 200. And that's not all, Coke has indicated that the beverage dispenser just introduced will compatible with a new service plans to launch in the near future, although it has not yet revealed details about it. The network guesses about how this new service can consist no longer rumors, and shuffled a number of unfounded assumptions.

What is clear is the policy of Coca-Cola about customizing products. General responsible for the range Coca-Cola Freestyle, Chris Hellman, He commented to USA Today what “consumers want to customize their drinks and are interested in the variety”. He concluded by saying that this trend “only going to continue to grow”.

The now outdated version of the drink dispenser is Freestyle available in over 50.000 catering establishments to across US. Premises fast food are especially likely to have one or more units serving diners who come to enjoy burgers, portions of pizza or bucket of chicken wings.

It is estimated that the set of installed devices serve 5.000 million glasses of soda a year; Or what is the same, 14 million glasses each day.

If the success that was hosting the new model with Bluetooth connection and its associated mobile application during the exhibition held in May serves as a reference, the task of filling these 5.000 million glasses could fall soon on Freestyle 9100.

With his new retro look all-american and the representative colors of the brand par excellence of the house, We hope the replacement of old models do rather with alacrity. the risk of losing market advantage beverages also runs, which, as is well known by our readers, is very competitive and in constant demand for new flavors, variety and customization options.

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